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Murdered: Soul Suspect Beginner’s Tips

by Prima Games Staff

With Murdered: Soul Suspect finally making its way into the hands of gamers, players around the world are busy trying to get to the bottom of their own murder. Playing as the ghostly Ronan O’Connor, you’ll be tasked with discovering clues, walking through walls and finding the answers needed to track down the Bell Killer. However, before you start spooking the locals of Salem, Massachusetts, we thought that you might benefit from a few basic tips to keep you from dying again.

Walk Through Walls

Don’t be afraid to walk around a bit. Just because the game put you in one room doesn’t mean you can’t pass through a few walls to check out some more. In fact, your current objective will be at the top of the screen, and the clues you need to progress are found in the bottom left. Continue to look through the area until you’ve found all of the clues you’re looking for, then press the button indicated at the top to piece things together and move to your next task.

Moving around in the environment is also necessary to solve many of the game’s side missions. Early on, you’ll be asked to help a young woman find her body so she can rest in peace. She’ll give you a few handy clues, but if you don’t go searching for the answers, you’ll never solve the mystery. This works the same way as primary objectives. The main question or objective will be displayed at the top, with the number of clues you require in the bottom left.

Aside from the various objectives in the game, exploring will also help you find collectibles that can reveal different mysteries hidden through Salem.

It Pays to be Clueless

While the bottom left of your screen might say that you need 14 clues to progress, you really only need to find the important ones. By pressing the button indicated at the top of the screen, you can bring up all the clues you’ve found. You should also notice a few question marks above the clues. If there are two of them, you need two clues to answer the question. If there are three, well, you need three. If you just want to power through the game and find out how it ends, try answering questions and completing some objectives even if you’re missing a couple clues. It won’t always work, but when it does, it’ll spare you a few minutes of wandering around.

Watch Out for Demons

The enemies in the ghostly world of Salem are quite frightening. You’ll get a taste of this early on with Demons. While it isn’t always an option to avoid them, there’s usually a way for you to escape and regroup. If you come across one, run away and look for the residue of ghost souls. You can hide in them, even jumping from one to another until the Demon finally gives up searching for you and goes away. You might have to face them again, but at least you’ll be prepared.

Once a Demon stops searching for you, use your ability to look through walls to figure out where they’ve wandered off to. If at all possible, track them down and eliminate them so that they won’t be a problem for you in the future. Use your ability to walk through walls to sneak up behind the Demon, then execute them by following the prompts on your screen. A good practice is to always look through a wall to see if it’s safe prior to passing through it.

A Man Possessed

As the game progresses, you’ll find more obstacles in your way. Perhaps it’s a Demon, or even a closed door or wall you can’t walk through. Look around for something that you can possess. It might be a man vacuuming the floor, or even a cat wandering around. In the case of the innocent little kitty, possessing it will unlock the cleverly named trophy/achievement, Possess the Cat.

The main thing to keep in mind with possession is that there aren’t really any downfalls. If you’re not sure what to do next and you’ve walked through all the walls, try possessing some folks. It might not help, but it almost certainly won’t hurt.