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Most Anticipated Characters for Mortal Kombat X

by Bryan Dawson

With the recent release of the Kung Lao and Kitana trailer for Mortal Kombat X, fans have once again speculated on who will be the next set of characters introduced, and what the final roster will look like when the game releases on April 14. We’ve already taken a look at who we expect to see in MKX, as well as a more in-depth look at Kung Lao, so be sure to check out those features if you haven’t already. This time around we’re going to look at which characters are the most anticipated on message boards and social forums around the world.

Ed Boon, co-creator of Mortal Kombat has already stated that we may see more than the previously assumed 24 character roster. However, he has stuck to his claims that Mortal Kombat X will feature more new characters than any previous MK title. Of the 12 revealed characters, only four of them are new. It’s entirely possible that most of the remaining characters will be completely new to the series. Reveals of at least one or two old favorites likely still remain, and we’ll probably see a few as post-release DLC as well. For now, let’s take a look at which characters the fans want to see and why.


With Cassie Cage on the roster, it made many people question whether or not we’ll see her parents, Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade (Sonya Cage?). If we don’t see Sonya, that doesn’t leave a lot of room for members of the Special Forces. That would seem to almost guarantee the inclusion of Major Jackson Briggs, also known as Jax. He was a popular character in MK9 and many previous titles in the series, so it’s not a stretch to assume he’ll be included in MKX, and fans certainly would like to see him. His finesse and swagger make him a fan-favorite!

Noob Saibot

The shadowy figure was one of the easier characters to play in MK9 and he continues to be a fan-favorite. In fact, ever since his appearance as a hidden character in Mortal Kombat 2, fans have been partial to the warrior named after the creators of the game. For those unaware, Noob is actually the first Sub-Zero after he’s killed by Scorpion in the first game. While we don’t know which Sub-Zero is present in Mortal Kombat X, it’s a safe bet he’s not the same Sub-Zero that eventually becomes Noob Saibot. However, it would be an interesting twist if that were the case, and a good way to leave Noob out of the picture in favor of more new characters.


Every version of Smoke has been a heavily used character at the arcades and online. Some people prefer the Human Smoke, while others prefer Robot Smoke. Smoke is so popular that it seems unlikely we won’t see him in MKX in one form or another, but with all the new characters in the game, we probably won’t see both versions. Human Smoke was featured in MK9, but he never turned into Robot Smoke due to the timeline being altered with Sub-Zero suffering that fate. However, Sub-Zero is back in human form which could mean something changed the timeline again, thus allowing Human Smoke to make another appearance.


Kabal was one of the best characters in both Ultimate MK3 and MK9. His odd appearance and cool powers make him one of the most anticipated character reveals for MKX. The big question is how he’ll play. We spoke with NetherRealm at PAX Prime and found out that things like Kabal’s Nomad Dash cancel would be removed from Mortal Kombat X. That was Kabal’s bread and butter technique in high-level play for MK9, so it will be interesting to see how players adapt should the character make it into MKX without that ability.


The Wind God has only appeared in two Mortal Kombat games (three if you count MK4 and MK Gold as separate titles), but he was one of the most popular characters when he was introduced in MK4. With the redesign of many characters for MK9, fans were hoping to get a glimpse of the long-dormant Fujin, but that never happened. With rumors of Shinnok being featured in MKX, fans are once again getting their hopes up that we’ll see another MK4 character, Fujin. He’s due for a Mortal Kombat comeback and would almost be like a new character at this point. The new game spans 25 years, so it’s hard to imagine that Raiden will be the only god showcased during that time frame. Cross your fingers Fujin fans!


The blind swordsman has been heavily anticipated since Ed Boon released a behind the scenes photo of what looked like an actor performing motion capture for Kenshin. He was one of the more popular characters in MK9 despite being limited to a DLC release. The motion capture shot all but confirms Kenshi will be included in the new game, unless there’s a new character that uses a similar fighting style. The lack of an official reveal has simply made the fans want him even more.

With Mortal Kombat X due out in just a few short months, expect a lot more character reveals in the near future. Keep your eyes on Prima Games for continued coverage of MKX!

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