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Mortal Kombat X – Kotal Kahn Demo Impressions

by Bryan Dawson

One of the brand new characters on display in the Mortal Kombat X demo seems to be a direct relative of Shao Kahn. How he’s related to the former MK boss is currently unknown, but Kotal Kahn has some unique abilities that give him somewhat of a War Gods feel. For the younger MK fans, War Gods was a 3D fighting game designed by the NetherRealm Studios team back when they were still at Midway.

Kotal Kahn’s three fighting styles are War God, Sun God and Blood God. All three styles have access to a projectile attack in the form of a shield that materializes in his hand before being thrown at the opponent, an uppercut that allows for a juggle follow-up and an command grab that can only be used on aerial opponents and can start a juggle with the enhanced (EX) version. He also has the ability to buff himself up, which allows him access to additional attacks depending on the fighting style selected.

In the Sun God fighting style, Kahn gains access to a choke slam that increases his self-buff by one level. As he powers up, the choke slam inflicts more and more damage until he reaches the level three maximum. Kahn also has the ability to heal himself in Sun God style. To do so, he uses one bar of meter and loses all self-buff power-ups. The level of his power-up determines how much health is gained. The higher the level, the more health Kahn receives.

The main draw of the Blood God style is almost the exact opposite of the Sun God style. In Blood God, Kahn cuts his chest, sacrificing a small amount of health in order to increase his overall attack power. If he hits the opponent shortly after cutting himself, the opponent takes the damage Kahn lost in addition to the damage of the attack used. Kahn can also summon various totems on the ground, one increases his meter gain, and another increases his damage output. He also has a parry that produces a beam of light on the ground that allows him to regain health if he stands inside of it.

War God fighting style gives the character a Macuahuitl weapon that adds to his special moves. The length of the weapon also gives him considerably more reach. It’s assumed that the weapon inflicts more damage than his normal attacks in other styles, but it’s unknown if it will end up being more damage when compared to some of the damage buffs he receives in the other fighting styles.

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