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Mortal Kombat X – Cassie Cage Demo Impressions

by Bryan Dawson

The story in Mortal Kombat X covers the 25 years that follow the events of Mortal Kombat 9, which in turn covers the events of Mortal Kombat 1, 2 and 3. During that 25-year period, there are plenty of changes that occur between the characters in Mortal Kombat. The new MK will feature more new characters than any other MK game before it, but some of those characters won’t be entirely new. One such example is Cassie Cage, who is the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade.

Every character in MKX has three different fighting style variants that you can choose from immediately after selecting the character. Cassie’s fighting styles are Hollywood, Brawler and Spec Ops. While we’ve only seen the Spec Ops fighting style (which borrows a bit from Sonya), it’s moderately safe to assume that Hollywood will borrow some special moves from Johnny Cage, and Brawler is probably a more unique fighting style.

Using the Spec Ops fighting style, Cassie has access to military weaponry. She can call in for a missile strike that juggles an opponent, and has three attack options. She can call the strike right on top of her in the middle of the screen, or at the far side of the screen. The enhanced (EX) version of the missile strike hones in on the opponent. It’s similar to Sektor’s missile attacks in previous MK titles, but you can even use an EX missile strike to knock an opponent into the air, then follow with a normal missile strike to juggle and still have time to follow up with a combo.

The Spec Ops fighting style also allowed Cassie to use a gunshot similar to Stryker’s. The normal version fired one shot, while the EX version fired a rapid series of bullets. In addition, Cassie used an upward kick similar to Sonya’s, in which the EX version added a second kick that knocked the opponent to the ground. The first kick can be followed by a juggle if you’re fast enough and have good positioning.

So far, Cassie looks like the go-to character for Sonya Blade fans, but we’ll have to wait to find out what her other fighting styles contain. It’s also not out of the question to see Johnny Cage or Sonya Blade as playable characters alongside Cassie. Stay tuned as we have demo impressions from the other five characters coming later this week.

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