Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: New Miles Morales Abilities We’re Looking Forward To The Most

There were a number of noticeable new Spidey moves, but some stood out above others.

miles morales has new spider-man abilities
Screenshot via Prima Games

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a couple of months away, and after watching all the gameplay trailers, one cannot help but be excited about what Sony and Insomniac Games have in store for those close to the series and those new to it. In this post, I’ll select my favorite new abilities that Miles Morels will either be equipped with or that you’ll have to unlock when playing the game. Here are the top new Miles Morales abilities I’m excited to see in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Stealth Double Knockouts

A double stealth knockout was a feature that I thought would be included in Miles Morales. It was always a pain and something that made stealth missions take longer than they should have because two goons were close to each other. Thankfully, the Spider-Man 2 gameplay trailer revealed a scene with a stealth double takedown. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t one of my favorite new abilities in the next edition. 

double takedown in Spider-Man 2
Miles Morales’s New Ability: A Stealth Double Takedown (Screenshot via Prima Games)

It should cut a stealth mission’s length down by half, and it will undoubtedly be fun to watch the new animations they included for a double takedown. Hopefully, it doesn’t end there, and there is a way to take down multiple enemies with a single strike or web strike.

Shooting a New Web Line Across the Room in Stealth Mode

Staying hidden is the key to success in Spider-Man. Yes, sometimes you have to brawl them all, but completing a whole area in stealth mode sometimes feels more rewarding and earns big XPs. This is precisely why I love the new skill where Miles can shoot a new line across the room to walk on.

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Now, you’ll no longer have to look for powerlines and lamps or wait for the enemy to walk beneath you before completing a stealth takedown. It looks like you can shoot a line above an enemy, walk onto it, and take them down once you’re standing over them.

Miles Morales Using New Ability To Get Across a Room in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Glide Suit for Peter Parker & Miles Morals 

I want this ability right off the bat. Traveling with the glide suit looks insanely good and is something I can’t wait to try out. It was already fun swinging all over Central Park and the rest of New York City.

To be able to travel through the city without touching the ground and without having to use your webs every single time to swing from building to building will undoubtedly make it more pleasurable and fun to move around. However, I hope it doesn’t replace the fast travel feature. Taking a train or public transport never hurts anyone, especially when you rush to get to Teo’s Bodega.

travel with a glide suit in Spider-man 2
Fast Travel in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 With New Glide Suit (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Other New Abilities I Would Like to See On Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

I’m also excited to see how they’ve improved Miles’ Venom Strike Powers and his camouflage abilities. Will you be able to stay invisible for longer? Will he be able to use Venom Strike for more than just brawling, as we got with the Venom boost jump?

Miles Morales has a new bioelectric strike
Miles Morales Will Have A New Type of Venom Strike (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Judging by the color of Mile’s Venom power, which is no longer the color of electricity but a blue energy color, I believe we will be in for a lot more new moves and powers in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. For more on Spider-Man 2, you can read: Is 60 FPS Mode An Option Available From Launch Day?

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