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Mad Max: The Dump, Heights and Reek Hills

by Bryan Dawson

Story Mission: Dance With Death 

After reaching Gastown, head upstairs and talk with the guy waiting there. You’ll head back to your car and go to the Underdune (located to the east in the Dunes region – check your map if you get lost). Once you get there, use a Harpoon shot to tear down the gate and work your way inside. 

Head through to the airport, and your objective will indicate you need to locate a few light bulbs. Watch out for the spike bombs that appear on the ground (they can damage your ride), and be careful for the ones that break loose, as they could swing right at you. Going slow is your best bet here, as you don’t have any sort of time limit anyway. Just cruise along. 

You’ll spot a raised bridge at the other end. Once you get to it, hop out and head to the doorway located on your right (before the bridge). Once you reach the next area, hang a left and find some ammo located at the very end of the room. Move into the doorway (to your left), and when you reach the next area, break the wench that appears on your left. This will lower the bridge, allowing you to get back to your car and drive onward.

Once you make your way up a couple of flights of stairs, you’ll enter a larger area. Use your map to pinpoint your route and stay with the green line, heading to your left. You can increase speed here if you wish, as this area isn’t laden with bombs like the beginning of the stage. 

After reaching your objective, climb out of the Opus and head upstairs (you’ll find them to your right). Go through the tiny opening and then continue down the corridor. You’ll notice it curves to the right, but stay on it. After it begins curving left, look for a room to your right, which will hold some collectible scrap. There’s another room straight across from that, also loaded with some scrap. Make sure you pick them both up for collectible purposes. 

Head back where you were going in the hallways and pick up the scrap located in the room you end up in. Climb into the planet and move through the doorway, located to your far right. Make sure you pick up the scrap found in the container to your far left in that room, as well as some shotgun ammunition to your adjacent right. Once you get these, go through the doorway and fill your canteen with water, from the source found here. 

The hallway will continue for a bit. A door may close in front of you, but you can continue on, picking up a couple more pieces of scrap along the way. Once you make your way past the mannequins, you’ll finally get to an area where you can pick up the bulbs. 

After snagging them, you’ll find a bunch of enemies coming your way. Be sure to take them out quickly, and don’t forget to have your flashlight turned on! This is a dark area, and foes can have a tendency of sneaking up on you if you can’t see them clearly.

Once they’re down, go back to the open door and move to the corner to your far left on the balcony. The zipline will take you right back to the Opus. A vehicle will appear right in your sights, dropping mines like crazy in diagonal layouts. They should be easy enough to dodge, but try to take out this vehicle as soon as you can to avoid taking damage. A shotgun blast to their gas tank or a harpoon shot is highly recommended, but if you get close enough, ramming works as well. 

Make your way out of the airport and you’ll return to Gastown. The Outcrier (located at the top of the stairs) will complete your current mission and provide a new one, at the Mortal Bite Death Run in the Heights area. Once you’re ready to start, just chat with Crow Dazzle. 

Story Mission: Fumehead’s Debt

Before heading to the Magnum Opus, talk to Tenderloin (located in the building to the west), then return to Crow Dazzle. Also, make sure your threat level in Pink Eye’s territory is less than three, or else you’ll face quite a few ambushes. You can do this by destroying camps, scarecrows, convoys, mine fields and snipers. Taking down both camps in the Knit Sack region is also highly effective, as noted by our previous guide. Make sure you destroy all the scarecrows in the area as well, and use your Long Shot to clear the snipers. 

Upon achieving a lower threat level, you’ll need to head to the Chalkies region, where Rim Jobbie and the Large Blade Top Dog Camp await. Do as you did before with camps, scoping them out and taking out any inconvenient threats from afar, like the snipers that await at the entrance. Once you get to the gate, activate your harpoon to take out the Molotov launchers (before they can damage your vehicle), then fire a shot into the main gate and reverse your vehicle to bring it down. You’ll also need to take out the gas tank, which appears right over the gate to the left. Doing this will extinguish the flames by the entrance. 

Park the Magnum Opus and kick down the door right in front of you. Quickly defeat the enemies and then move west into another room, where a couple piles of scrap can be picked up. Move through a container to your south and make sure you fill up your canteen at the nearby water source; drink if you need to refill energy. Don’t forget to snag the scrap as well, hiding between pieces of debris to your very right. 

As you move around a corner, more enemies await. Take out the War Crier first so you don’t have to take on additional foes, then clean up on the ones left over. Look for a door in the middle of the east wall and kick it down, and pick up the scrap inside.

Head back to the Opus, then move to your northwest to find another container you can go through, on the west side. Destroy the Scrotus Insignia inside, then move up the ladder. You’ll now be on the north side of the camp.

As you move along, scrap can be picked up to your right, near the entrance of a nearby room. Make sure you go along the far side as well and pick up the History Relic that awaits. Move to the balcony, then check south, where you’ll find an ammo crate, along with another Scrotus Insignia hanging right above the doorway. A quick shotgun blast or strike should do the trick. 

Find the ladder again, but don’t go down. Instead, pass by it and swing around the corner. Make sure you kick free the rung-up ladder so you can return to the lower part of the camp. Move to the upper area, break the wench that waits at the end of it to lower the nearby drawbridge and then climb the ladder at the end of this bridge. 

The path above will take a little bit, but you’ll get to another area where you can climb even higher. Two more enemies will need to be taken down, but they’re easy to beat if you’ve mastered parrying at this point. From there, find some ammo in a nearby box by the right, along with a piece of scrap to the right of that (just located near the debris). Get to the next ladder, but make sure you fill up on water before going up it. Also, watch out to your east, as more scrap and ammunition await, along with a large door. Break it down and you can destroy yet another Scrotus Insignia. There’s a small pile of scrap to pick up as well. 

Go back to the ladder, but remember the yellow line that you go past – that’s a zipline that will take you back to the car once the mission’s over. Don’t go down it just yet until you defeat the Top Dog. 

Now head up the ladder and move along the platform. You’ll eventually reach Rim Jobbie, where you’ll need to keep your distance as he attacks. Watch for charges, and make sure you roll out of the way quickly. He’ll be open long enough to unload a few punches on him. When he blocks, get out of the way, as he has a big counter-attack coming. Keep this up and he’ll eventually be defeated. If you want, you can also knock him into flames nearby, causing additional damage, along with dropped weapons you can attack him with. Shotgun blasts work too, but don’t get too close! Once he’s done, don’t forget to check his pockets for extra scrap!

Make your way back down to the zip line, but keep an eye open for ammunition, as well as a piece of scrap and the last Scrotus Insignia at the bottom, hanging to the northeast. Blast it, and that should give you 100 percent completion on the camp. 

Now that you have paint (acquired from the camp), you’ll need to pick up another vehicular body for the Magnum. Follow the map to find the green marker, which will take you deep into the Reek Hills region. Find the entrance to this scavenging location to your southeast, or if you prefer a challenging drive, climb up the cliff side to the northeast. Either way works.

Heading into the normal entrance, avoid the traps. Park the Opus and bring down the three enemies located right in front of you. A Cleanup Crew project part will be left to your northeast, so snag that. There’s also some scrap to the south, in a nearby rock-front, located inside the small alcove. Head to the right, and there’s a new car body for your Magnum. 

From here, head back to the car and use the pause menu to visit the garage. Take off the rim and armor attachments, along with the ramming grill, and put on the wide treadies tires, the Wild Hunt car body and the frontier suspension. In addition, tweak the body color as well to raw steel. While that may not be your first color choice, this will unlock the Speed Demon, a vehicle you’re going to need for the next mission at hand. 

Return to the Heights region with your rebuilt vehicle (follow the green marker if you get lost) and enter the Death Run. Work your way up the ladder and make sure to select the Barrel Bash race, using the Speed Demon. 

One thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that Speed Demon is a bit more of a monster to handle than your typical Mad Max vehicle, since your car doesn’t corner as easily as others, and hitting barrels will cause you slip around for a little bit. Try to get used to your new configuration first with a test run, if you can.

Once you begin the race, go ahead and fire off a boost to take the easy lead. This will enable you to take the race at your leisure, although it’s hardly anything like a Sunday drive. Keep on the red road as you race, since there aren’t any indicators as to where the race track will end up otherwise. Don’t forget to hit the barrels – the race is named the Barrel Bash race, after all. Hit at least one during your run. Also, don’t forget to take advantage of shortcuts, but remember your Speed Demon isn’t a beast off-road. It’ll take some getting used to. 

Falling behind? Don’t sweat it. Boost will carry you back into the race. Just make sure you save boost for straight-away runs, and not so much corners, as they’re likely to cost you a few seconds if you lose control. Take the mountain passes with care so you don’t fall off, as that’ll reset your car and cost you even more time. Additionally, keep an eye for people on the sidelines trying to get in on the action with Molotov cocktails. You’ll see them explode ahead of you, so they’re easy to avoid.

That’s it! You should win the race no problem following these tips. From there, go back to the initial Death Run spot and have a word with Tenderloin, who’s in a nearby building. Finish up and work your way back to Gastown, then find the Outcrier upstairs, as he’ll have your next mission. 

We have new missions coming soon. For now, visit Prima’s Mad Max Walkthrough and Guide.

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