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List of Characters in EA’s STAR WARS Battlefront

by Prima Games Staff

Although EA’s Star Wars™ Battlefront™ does not release for PS4, Xbox One and PC until November 17, we already know quite a bit about the ambitious third and first person shooter. For starters, locations like Endor, Hoth and Jakku (from The Force Awakens) will appear in the game, along with iconic vehicles like the X-Wing and TIE Fighter. 

Then we have characters. EA and DICE have yet to reveal the complete roster of heroes and villains, but the recent Star Wars Battlefront trailer and images show off several familiar faces from the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance. That said, this is the complete list of characters in Star Wars Battlefront to date, and we will update this feature throughout the year.

Note: You may not be able to play as all of these Star Wars characters, but based on the trailer, they should appear in the game.

The Empire

Darth Vader


The villainous Dark Lord of the Sith will cut through Rebels with his lightsaber in Star Wars Battlefront. Unfortunately we don’t know if he’ll make use of different Force powers, most notably Force Choke; the unfortunate Rebel Trooper in Episode IV: A New Hope experienced the latter first hand. Regardless of his move set, we expect Vader to be one of the most popular characters in the game, whether player or AI controlled.

Boba Fett

Despite succumbing to the mighty Sarlaac on Tatooine (or not), the most famous Star Wars bounty hunter will be back in action in EA’s new video game, using his jet pack to hover while pelting enemies with blaster fire. At this early stage we have only one question. “Boba Fett! Boba Fett! Where?”


Of course there will be Stormtroopers in Battlefront! They appear in the trailer quite a few times, lining up to get slaughtered by the Rebellion. Our opinion? Dying at the furry hands of an Ewok is a bad way to go.

Scout Troopers

These guys ride the super cool Speeder Bikes through the forest of Endor in Return of the Jedi, and we made imaginary fist pumps after seeing them in the Battlefront trailer.  Of course, we also saw Rebels piloting those same bikes, so there’s a good chance every character will get to use them.



We almost missed the Snowtroopers! Pay close attention to the Hoth battle footage and you’ll see one neat the AT-AT. Despite the costume change they are Stormtrooper-like units that can fight in cold environments.

The Rebel Alliance

Endor Rebel Troopers

Think of these loyal soldiers as the Rebel version of the Stormtrooper, and we know two things about this character class. First, they use jet packs to get around, and second, can deploy a dome shield that protects against incoming fire.

Hoth Rebel Troopers

We expect the Hoth Troopers to play similarly to their Endor counterparts. 



The most famous Sullustan is Nien Nunb, Lando Calrissian’s Millennium Falcon copilot in Return of the Jedi. Similar to the Endor Rebel Troopers, this class also makes use of a jet pack, and carries a bazooka-type weapon to destroy AT-STs.



Will you be able to play as an Ewok in Star Wars Battlefront? We don’t have the answer to that, or confirmation the fur balls will appear in the game. However, in the opening seconds of the trailer you see the Ewok Village and what appears to be tiny creatures running along the wooden bridges. They’re too short to be Stormtroopers, so your guess is as good as ours.

To be confirmed: X-Wing Fighter Pilots, TIE Fighter Pilots and Han Solo since all of their respective vehicles are in the trailer.

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