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A Letter From the Editor | Hello, I’m New Here

by Morgan Shaver

Before I introduce myself and assure you that Prima is going to continue to kick ass through 2020 and into 2021 (and beyond), I want to commend Liana Ruppert on her incredible work while serving as Editor-in-Chief. 

I always admired her strength, determination, and ability to remain wholeheartedly herself in her writing. She poured everything into Prima, and the site is where it is today thanks to her leadership. 

Coming in as the new Editor-in-Chief, I want to continue to grow Prima Games and help it become the site that Liana knew it could be and worked hard to bring to life.

I know I can both honor her vision, and bring a few new things to the table. 

Prior to stepping into this role, I was the Editor-in-Chief of IndieObscura which I worked on alongside other projects like writing for AllGamers and handling Community Manager duties for one of my all-time favorite games.

It’s got some cool blocks, you can spin them, it’s great. 

With this role, I made the decision to put IndieObscura on hold for the time being to be able to focus on Prima and those CM duties. I also know that I can serve indies better by talking about them here on Prima rather than on IO. 

Don’t worry, I made a promise when accepting this role that I won’t spam Prima Games with indie content and I am doubling down on that promise now.

Everyone has different gaming interests, and Prima needs to be a site that caters to all of those interests fairly and equally. 

My goal is to not only have Prima deliver quality content from incredibly talented writers like Lucas and Jesse, but to hopefully work with freelancers as well to ensure that games are being discussed and reviewed properly as much as possible.

If you’re a freelancer and have a pitch on something you really want to talk about and share with the gaming community I would love to hear from you. I’m available via email and on Twitter, whichever works best for you.

In addition to an increase in features and reviews, I want to make sure the site continues to be an excellent source for gaming news and guides. Especially guides, what would Prima be without guides?

One of my goals coming in is making sure our guides are written in a way that better helps you, the reader.

I want them to have clear, quick, concise, easy-to-find answers and helpful visuals to complement these guides as much as possible as screenshots and video clips can sometimes be easier to follow. 

Also, no misleading titles like ones about fixing a server error that you can’t actually fix. I want to make sure Prima is a site that you can trust, a site you can visit on a regular basis because you find the content helpful.

I feel like the site does a great job of this already, but I wanted to mention it because it’s an important point of focus for me. I want you to love what we do here at Prima. Everything, all of it. 

Lastly, I’m bringing review scores back. I thought long and hard about it, and I think it’ll make things easier.

Similar to quickly finding what you’re looking for in a guide, I want you to be able to find a score along with a rundown of pros and cons if that’s what you’re looking for.

Or, to be able to deep dive into the reasons why we’ve scored a game the way that we have and what you can expect from the game should you decide to purchase it.

I’m sure there’s a lot more that I’m forgetting, but the gist of it all is hello, my name is Morgan, I’m the new Editor-in-Chief of Prima.

I’m looking forward to working hard on everything here at Prima, and improving and growing with both time and feedback from Prima’s readers. 

Seriously, I am extremely honored to be a part of Prima, and very excited to work alongside two of the best writers out there, Lucas and Jesse. 

With my rambling finished, I hope you have the best day possible. Thank you for your time reading Prima articles, it’s deeply appreciated, valued, and cherished.

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