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The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D – Zora Mask Tips

by Prima Games Staff

With The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D available for 3DS systems, players will be able to experience one of the best adventures from the Nintendo 64 era, as Link races against time to save his world while pursuing the mysterious Skull Kid.

Yesterday we covered the basics for the Deku Mask, one of the first masks you’ll find in the game. Today we’re digging a little deeper with the Zora Mask, which gives you a number of new capabilities that will be useful whenever Link puts it on.

A wonder underwater

With the help of the Zora mask, Link will be able to breathe underwater. This can be quite useful when you have to explore beneath the surface, searching for items without putting Link’s health at risk.

However, there’s more to Zora’s abilities. You’ll be able to sink to the bottom of the lake/ocean that you’re in and perform usual activities against, including walking and striking enemies. Keep in mind that your defensive maneuvers may be, ahem, watered down, due to the fact that the waves work against you, so your evasive jumps and back flips won’t work so well. Not only will you move slower, but Link will be open to attack.

In addition, you’re able to hit enemies with a combination of punches and kicks, thanks to the addition of fins that grow on the sides of your arms. These help you swim faster underwater, so you can cover greater distances than you could with, say, the Deku Mask. There’s also a variation of Link’s jump attack that can be used, but it’s a somersault-based kick. This is good to use against stronger foes, particularly when you’re trying to stun them.

Shielding and getting electric

By holding down the right shoulder button, you’re able to use one of the fins as a shield, blocking incoming attacks that may come your way. While in this defensive stance, you can activate a bio-electric barrier that surrounds your body, which serves a strong offensive purpose.

Once activated, this shield can hurt smaller enemies and affect bigger ones as well, stunning them enough so you’ll be able to finish these bad guys off with ease. You can also use this attack underwater, should you not be able to go into a standing pose or just want to keep swimming. Simply press the right shoulder button.

This barrier is quite effective if an enemy, like a Dexihand or a Majora’s Wrath, grabs onto you. By activating it, you’ll jar yourself loose before they deal significant damage, while at the same time hurting them a bit in the process.

When using the barrier, the longer you utilize it, the more you lose magic on your meter. You won’t be able to activate it again until you refill the meter, which you should be able to do over time.

Wait a second, you’re still vulnerable

Since it’s a water-based character, it will take more damage from other elements, including ice and fire. If you’re going up against enemies that utilize either of these powers, make sure you stay on the defensive and avoid the attacks as much as you can.

Otherwise, if you’re hit, the game will reset you back to the entrance of the room where you first started. You’ll still have the ability to use the mask, but you’ll have to go through the area all over again before you come across those enemies once more. Be prepared, and make sure you avoid these attacks whenever possible. Even shielding may not be enough – just get out of the way.

That’s it! Enjoy the Zora mask, and make sure you have plenty of magic on hand.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D is available now for Nintendo 3DS.

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