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The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Deku Mask Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Over the course of your adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, Link will come across a series of masks that will help him solve puzzles and defeat certain enemies. These masks can be switched with ease, thanks to the use of the second screen on the 3DS system.

One of the first masks you’ll find is the Deku mask, which turns Link into a strange, wood-faced creature. Don’t be fooled, though – underneath this weird appearance are several abilities that you can use to get further into the game.

Here are some tips when it comes to mastering the abilities of Deku Link.

Spin to win

One of Deku Link’s most basic abilities is the Spin Attack. This is a useful move when it comes to killing smaller enemies, since you can hit multiple bad guys at once. In addition, the Spin Attack also provides a burst of speed, letting you cover more ground should you feel the need to dash.

However, what you may not realize is that the Spin Attack is also useful for stunning larger foes. While you may not be able to do sufficient damage, you can daze them long enough to follow up with a stronger attack.

Don’t forget you can also use the Spin Attack to cut through grass – and that means finding Rupees and other items.

Bubble, toil and trouble

In addition, Deku Link shoots bubbles. They aren’t nearly as effective as the usual arrows that Link is capable of firing – in fact, bubbles will bounce off armored enemies with little effect.

However, if you’re in an area where you need to battle smaller enemies from a distance, they are quite useful. You can charge up your bubble shots by holding down the button and then letting go, making them more likely to hit your intended target. Otherwise, they may drift off, due to a lack of accuracy.

Take some time and practice firing a couple of bubbles from your mouth before you proceed, so you get an idea of what kind of trajectory they’re capable of. Remember, don’t use them against stronger enemies – use your Spin Attack and other techniques to finish them off.

Up in the air

Another item that Deku Link can use is the Deku Flower. These are scattered through each area, and once you run across them, you can do one of two things. Either you can burrow into them to hide from enemies, or you can launch yourself into the air.

Launching into the air is the best bet, since while you’re up there, you’ll be able to drop Deku Nuts on enemies with the press of a button. These are great projectiles that literally let you get the drop on your foes, before you return to the ground and hit them with a stronger attack. Just make sure the enemies are directly beneath you before letting loose with your barrage of nuts.

Across the water

Finally, you’re able to navigate across water, but only for a limited amount of time. This character can hop up to five times across a small pond or other body of water, but after that he can sink, so make sure you time your jumps.

One other thing when it comes to traveling across water – make sure you start with a Spin Attack. Right when you begin to jump towards it, launch into your Spin Attack and then make sure you hit the coordinating jump button to begin hopping. You’ll cover more distance this way, thanks to the speed from the Spin Attack, but it helps that you launch Link in the direction you want him to go.

It can take a little practice, so start with a smaller body of water first if you can find it. You’ll perfect this technique in no time.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D releases this Friday, February 13th for Nintendo 3DS.

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