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Kirby Triple Deluxe: How to Master All 26 Abilities

by Prima Games Staff

Nintendo’s Kirby: Triple Deluxe returns the classic pink puffball to traditional Dreamland form, as he devours enemies and uses their abilities to get through each stage.

This time around, the game has 26 abilities to master, including the return of several favorites and the introduction of some new ones. To help you get started, we have a breakdown of each ability and when they’ll come in handy.


This new ability lets Kirby to shoot regular and charged arrows at enemies.

This is a particularly great ability when it comes to hitting enemies from afar (or blocks holding up cannons) and damaging bosses. Just make sure you watch out for incoming attacks and move out of the way.


This favorite lets Kirby use laser powers on enemies. Use it for general attacks, as Kirby can fling around a Beam Whip to hit enemies close to him. This is particularly favorable with hitting bosses, though you’ll want to watch for counter-attacks.


This funky looking power-up gives Kirby a battering ram like ability with beetle-shaped hair.

Attack multiple enemies at once, or larger foes. Make sure you’re in a safe spot when you come out of it, though, or you’ll get struck and lose its power.


This new ability allows Kirby to ring bells and use sound to throw off enemies – and can also be thrown as projectiles.

This power-up provides the best of both worlds with a disorienting attack on close enemies and projectiles for bad guys at a distance. Pick it up whenever you can.


First introduced in Kirby: Super Star, this ability is a one-time use that destroys everything on the screen.

It appears at random, so use the Bomb whenever you get a hold of it. However, make sure you land on stable ground after using it, instead of falling into a pit.


Even if you have a fear of clowns, you’ll still find the Circus ability very useful. Though it takes time to master with juggling pins and trampolines, this power can get you through some tight spots, so play around with it when you get the chance.


A favorite from the 8-bit Kirby’s Adventure, Crash lets the pink hero smash everything on-screen with a thunderous attack. It comes in handy in all situations, especially boss fights, so hold onto it as long as you can.


This power-up also debuted in Kirby’s Adventure, and gives Kirby the ability to throw deadly boomerangs at enemies.

This is a good all-around weapon for striking enemies up close and from a distance, and you can even jump and let it strike those behind you as well.


With the Fighter power-up, Kirby does his best Street Fighter impression with up-close strikes and fireballs. Another well-balanced power-up, this is great for both close attacks and distant ones. Perfect for boss fights.


The Fire ability was modified a bit in Kirby Triple Deluxe with new aerial techniques, but generally, you’re still a flying fireball hitting everything in range.

It’s a good general attack, but the downside is that you’re vulnerable once it cools off. Make sure you keep it going long enough so that you hit everything in your path, and then continue on your way.


A new ability in Triple Deluxe, this gives Kirby a big old hammer. It’s a short-range weapon, so save it for boss fights and stronger enemies in the game. Otherwise, stick with a superior ability.


One of the most effective tools in Triple Deluxe, the Hypernova gives Kirby super-sucking power, so he doesn’t just eat enemies, but also items in the environment.

Save this for crowded areas, or when you need to clear trees out of the way. Who knows, you might reveal a new area to explore.


A classic ability that makes its return, Ice lets you freeze enemies that get close to you, then push off their ice blocks as projectiles.

Ice is a terrific ability when you’re surrounded or overcome with enemies. Freeze up a few baddies and push them out of the way to clear the play field.


One of the better defensive abilities in Triple Deluxe, Leaf generates a shield to guard from incoming attacks, and also shoots projectiles at enemies.

This is good for fighting bosses, and also getting through areas where projectiles are flying around. Keep an eye out for it and use Leaf whenever you can in the later stages.


A one-time use weapon, the Mike allows you to clear a screen of enemies by screaming into a large microphone. It’s a one-time thing, so save it for when enemies are bearing down on you.


Here’s another classic ability that never gets old, as it transforms Kirby into a spike-laden object that impales anyone that gets near it.

This is a good short-range tool to have on hand, and you can launch it into the air to get the jump on enemies.


A new technique in Triple Deluxe, the ninja enables Kirby to attack enemies with a multitude of attacks, namely projectiles.

This is another good all-around ability, one to use on enemies close and afar. You can also leap onto walls, so use this to get out-of-reach bonuses, like 1ups. 


Who says an umbrella can’t be a weapon? Kirby can use this to strike enemies up close, as well as float over areas after jumping.

It’s not good for long range, but the Parasol is a suitable weapon when it comes to approaching enemies. The float ability, however, isn’t so hot, since Kirby can usually suck up air and fly anyway.


The most useless of all of Kirby’s abilities, this one puts Kirby to sleep and leaves him vulnerable for several seconds. If you can, avoid devouring sleeping enemies and just spit them out.


A variation of the classic Plasma ability, Spark allows Kirby to charge an electrical force field around him, hurting anything in range. It’s a good short-range ability, and also useful when jumping into enemies.


This handy projectile enables Kirby to jab enemies in front of him, as well as throw them. The Spear is quite handy, especially underwater, when you can impale foes with timed throws.


A good offensive and defensive ability, Stone transforms Kirby into rock form, smashing enemies beneath him while protecting Nintendo’s hero from attacks

While not the best offensive tool, Stone is a powerful ability, and perfect for keeping you safe from harm during boss attacks.


The sword has always been a favorite in the Kirby series, and it returns for Triple Deluxe, with slashing abilities that make it ideal for destroying foes. It’s great for damaging bosses and even providing Kirby with some defense when landing from a jump, as he can perform an aerial slash to destroy items.


Even though it’s not the most powerful ability, the Wing is a respectful one, with the Feather Gun able to take out enemies from a distance and special mid-air attacks, charged by electricity.

If you prefer avoiding enemies up close, the Wing is spectacular for taking them down from afar. The aerial abilities provide some nice touches as well.


With the Wheel, Kirby does his best Sonic impression, rolling along the ground hitting anything in his path.

The Wheel is outstanding for running over enemies along flat ground and hills. However, you’ll want to watch out for gaps. If you’re going too fast, you’ll roll right into one and lose a life!


Finally, the Whip brings out Kirby’s inner Indiana Jones, as he can grab enemies and items and fling them away. He can also activate switches much easier.

In addition, you can grab enemies both up-close and through walls, then fling them away to hit others. It’s not the greatest when it comes to defense, though.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe is available now for Nintendo 3DS.

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