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Killer Instinct Frame Data Analysis: Sadira

by Bryan Dawson

Sadira specializes in aerial combat, but the frame data on her ground-based attacks isn’t all that bad. Join us for a closer look at the newest member in the Killer Instinct cast!


Attack Notation Startup Active Advantage on Hit Advantage on Block
Widow’s Drop D+MK (air) 10 0 13 -5
Fang F+HK 8 6 N/A -2
LP LP 4 2 5 2
Close MP MP 5 2 4 1
Far MP MP 6 3 4 1
Close HP HP 7 3 3 0
Far HP HP 8 3 1 -2
LK LK 5 2 4 1
Close MK MK 6 3 3 1
Far MK MK 7 2 1 -2
Close HK HK 8 3 0 -4
Far HK HK 9 4 -1 -6
Crouching LP Crouching LP 4 2 5 2
Crouching MP Crouching MP 5 3 3 -1
Crouching HP Crouching HP 7 4 -1 -7
Crouching LK Crouching LK 4 2 4 1
Crouching MK Crouching MK 7 2 2 -2
Crouching HK Crouching HK 9 2 N/A -10
Jump LP Jump LP 5 10 15 8
Jump MP Jump MP 6 10 16 12
Jump HP Jump HP 9 7 20 17
Jump LK Jump LK 5 9 15 8
Jump MK Jump MK 7/3 10/4 16/16 12/12
Jump HK Jump HK 9 8 20 17

Sadira has a little bit of frame advantage when some of her Normals are blocked, but it’s not enough to really work with. She’s an aerial character, so her ground game isn’t as strong as some of the other characters, and that shows in her frame data. She has a few attacks that leave her at +1 or +2, but her attacks with any kind of reach are generally slower, making them lackluster frame trap candidates.

If you can get an opponent to block almost any of Sadira’s jumping Normals, she has a great deal of frame advantage to work with. Essentially, use Sadira’s superior air movement to prevent an anti-air, then use the frame advantage from the blocked aerial attack to frame trap with Fang or any other ground Normal. You can even use a throw to launch the opponent back into the air. Just be careful when using Widow’s Dive because it’s -5 and unsafe if the opponent blocks it.

Special Moves

Attack Notation Startup Active Advantage on Hit Advantage on Block
Blade Demon QCF+LP 7 7 5 -3
  QCF+MP 8 8 3 -4
  QCF+HP 9 9 1 -5
Recluse QCB+LK 6 4 2 -5
  QCB+MK 7 5 1 -7
  QCB+HK 8 5 N/A -20
Widow’s Bite QCF+P (air) 5 0 N/A N/A
Web Cling QCB+P (air) N/A N/A N/A N/A

Most of Sadira’s special moves are done in the air, which means their frame data doesn’t really come into play. Of her two ground-based special moves, the Recluse is completely unsafe and should only be used to anti-air, in the middle of a combo, or as a juggle. The light and medium versions of the Blade Demon are safe, so feel free to cancel her Normals into it for chip damage.

Shadow Moves

Attack Notation Startup Active Advantage on Hit Advantage on Block
Shadow Blade Demon QCF+2P 2/2 6 6 -2
Shadow Recluse QCB+2K 4/0 1 N/A -17
Shadow Widow’s Bite QCF+2P (air) 1/2 0 N/A N/A

Unfortunately, Sadira doesn’t get any advantage when her Shadow attacks are blocked, and the Shadow Recluse is extremely unsafe. The invincibility comes in handy, and both the Shadow Recluse and Shadow Demon Blade have very fast startup times. Beyond that you won’t be getting any frame traps out of her Shadow attacks.

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