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Just Cause 3 First Look – Go Anywhere, Destroy Anything

by Prima Games Staff

The Just Cause games impress players with beautiful open worlds,  as hero Rico Rodriguez has no problem getting around and causing chaos. Whether it’s a car chase where he zip-lines between vehicles (and kicks the drivers around for good measure) or parachutes into an enemy outpost in the hopes of taking it down, the player is able to cause destruction by any means necessary.

Just Cause 3 will work the same way when the game debuts later this year, bringing the series to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for the first time (as well as PC). Rico once again returns to battle, this time in the fictional country of Medici, which has been overtaken by the brutal dictator General Di Ravello. As the one-man army, your job is to capture checkpoints, complete missions and eventually turn the tide in favor of the local rebellion, giving it the chance to crush Di Ravello’s dictatorship.

With the processing power of new hardware, Just Cause 3 will be able to push its chaotic nature to new heights. The developers at Avalanche promised their new game will feature more verticality, so you’ll be able to dish out more damage from above. This includes Rico surfing on a fighter jet and firing a few missiles, or hanging on a helicopter unloading an assault rifle clip at guards while on a nearby roof.

In addition, Rico’s zipline returns, allowing him to latch onto enemies and throw them around like Frisbees, as well as propel himself to ledges and on top of buildings much quicker than before. Furthermore, you’ll be able to connect things together, like an explosive gas tank and an enemy soldier.

Rico comes armed with a combination of wing suit and parachute, which allows him to achieve greater heights. He’ll be able to swoop through the skies like Batman and get around much easier than he could on foot. With the parachute, he can perform base jumps from higher distances and surprise an enemy compound, or easily escape from a dangerous gun battle, provided a wind gust works in his favor.

Of course, if you prefer, you can stick to the ground when battling enemies, stealing cars with the push of a button or engaging in some combat, where Rico utilizes melee strikes (with grapple abilities) and a variety of weapons to put enemies in their place.

The amount of destruction in Just Cause 3 will be much greater than the previous game. The stakes will certainly be higher, as you’ll be able to blow up buildings, and in some cases, create other explosive situations you can use to Rico’s advantage. For instance, he can set up a grenade when an enemy’s in pursuit, trapping them in a fireball of death.

Just Cause 3 will also introduce subterranean gameplay. Sometimes the action will be too hot on the surface, so Rico can use the sewers to get around, sneaking past enemy groups and eventually popping up on another side to surprise them. The open world map promises even more opportunities, with more terrain to cover and secrets along the way.

More details about Just Cause 3 should be unveiled in the months ahead. Be sure to check back for more information on the game, as well as strategies for getting out of or into some explosive situations.

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