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Introduction to Marvel Puzzle Quest

by Prima Games Staff

What do you get when you combine the awesome might of Marvel’s Super Heroes and Super Villains with the award-winning gameplay of Puzzle Quest? Marvel Puzzle Quest, of course! This fiendishly addictive and strategically challenging puzzle classic celebrates its fifth anniversary this year, and is still adding more characters, more storylines and more content – all for free!

If you haven’t played the game before, here’s how it works. First, you assemble a team of three characters drawn from the Marvel Universe. There are over 130 to unlock and earn, so your favorite will almost certainly be in there, including iconic legends such as Spider-Man, Hulk and Thor, to cult classics like Devil Dinosaur and Howard the Duck. Even the newest additions to the Marvel Universe, such as Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel and Riri Williams as Ironheart are in there!

Gameplay takes place on a board of colored tiles, as in the previous Puzzle Quest games. Match three tiles of the same color, and not only will you deal damage to whatever enemies you’re facing but you’ll also earn Action Points towards the special super-powered attacks of any character connected to that color. Build up enough Action Points to unleash your strongest attacks – and you’ll need them as you face up to fearsome foes like Doctor Doom, Venom and Ultron! You can even throw in a few team-ups, just like in the comic books, calling in help from heroes who aren’t on your team for a one-shot strike that mixes things up.

It’s here that the game really evolves the classic Puzzle Quest gameplay, as picking the right characters, unlocking their best attacks, and then building towards powerful game-changing strikes through smart tile-matching gameplay opens up a whole new world of strategic challenge.

After each round you’ll earn Hero Points and valuable amounts of the mysterious Iso-8 isotope, both of which can be used to expand the number of heroes you can choose from, and level up the ones you have. You may also win classic comic book covers, adding new or variant characters to your collection.

Fans of Marvel’s best-selling comics and blockbuster movies might now be thinking that this all sounds fine, but what about the storylines? That’s what people love about the Marvel Universe, and it’s not been forgotten in Marvel Puzzle Quest. There are numerous story campaigns to play, inspired by classic storylines from Marvel history, such as Dark Reign, in which Norman Osborn, aka the Green Goblin, takes on S.H.I.E.L.D. in order to rule the world. Each round of the game is basically an action scene in an epic Super Hero saga, where you control the outcome with your puzzle-busting skills.

Even the eye-popping visual flair of Marvel comics is brought to life, with cool character portraits and thrilling full-screen animations for every special super-powered attack. If you thought that Match-3 puzzle games couldn’t look awesome, prepare to be surprised!

And should you blaze your way through all the storylines, like a late-for-dinner Ghost Rider, there’s still a whole world of online play to test your skills against. Players are sorted by skill tier, so you’ll never be matched up with an opponent who can crush you without breaking a sweat, and there are bonus rewards and unlocks available just for taking part in multiplayer matches, even if you don’t win.

When you’re ready to take an even deeper dive in Marvel Puzzle Quest, join up with one of the many player alliances. These community groups let you pool your resources and earn even more bonus goodies through regular play, as well as chat and connect with fellow fans.

Best of all, Marvel Puzzle Quest hasn’t stopped growing since it launched in 2013. New characters are being added all the time, often to coincide with major storylines in the comic books or the latest blockbuster movies, and new events keep the storylines and multiplayer battles fresh. Once you get hooked into the higher level character and team building aspects, you’ll find hundreds of hours of gameplay – all for free.

The Marvel Super Heroes are waiting for you to join in and start puzzling. So what are you waiting for, True Believer? The universe won’t save itself!

Download Marvel Puzzle Quest for FREE right now using this link and get a bonus 3-Star Thanos!

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