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Ignore the Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer, Watch New Video Game Footage Instead

by Prima Games Staff

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer debuted this morning and this is the Internet right now:

We’ll refrain from posting the steamy footage (here’s a link if you can’t help yourself), and you know what? Forget about that silliness and watch the following  video game trailers and footage that also debuted today. 

Hyrule Warriors kick butt in the new features trailer

You know what’s better than two-plus minutes of uncomfortable Fifty Shades of Grey smooching? How about four tantalizing minutes of Link, Midna, Princess Zelda and other heroes slicing and pummeling hundreds of enemies in Nintendo’s slick Hyrule Warriors footage? Just wait until you see Zelda decimate several creatures with her magical bow and arrow(s), then put other baddies out of their collective misery with music. 

Sigourney Weaver waxes nostalgic on Alien film, praises Alien: Isolation

You’ll forget all about Fifty Shades once you see the real Ellen Ripley and fellow Alien costars (including Tom Skerritt) discuss the importance of not only the original 1979 Alien movie, but also the upcoming Alien: Isolation from Sega and Creative Assembly. You’ll then watch fellow cast members Harry Dean Stanton and Veronica Cartwright record dialogue for the Crew Expendable and Last Survivor DLC.

Fantasy Life – Experience the Game Your Way

You might get hot and bothered watching the opening for Level-5’s (the studio behind Professor Layton) intriguing 3DS role-playing game, Fantasy Life. We don’t have all the details, but apparently you have the option to switch between a variety of character classes and experience the adventure however you want. While on the subject of fantasies, we’ve always wanted to play as a woodcutter and miner.

Watch Dogs: How to get the Destroyer

With so few games to play this summer, there’s a good chance you still have a ways to go until beating Watch Dogs. Let one of the game’s developers give you some tips in this recent video, where you’ll learn how to pick up the Destroyer, one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It only holds two rounds, but annihilates just about anything you shoot. 

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