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How Prima Games Will Tackle Its GOTY Nominees for 2020

by Morgan Shaver

Hello there, Prima Games EIC and resident sleep paralysis demon here (I’ll never get tired of typing that).

I wanted to make a quick post explaining how Prima Games plans to tackle this year’s GOTY nominees because it’ll be a little… different this year.

Rather than lump all of 2020’s releases together, the team has decided to do two different GOTY lists, one for AAA titles and one for indie games.

In doing so, the site will be able to nominate way more games and we’ll also be able to give all of the nominees the proper time, love, and attention they deserve.

In addition, we will be reaching out to you, the site’s readers, to vote on a Reader’s Choice Award. At the end, we’ll have three GOTY winners.

  • GOTY for AAA
  • GOTY for Indie Games
  • Reader’s Choice Award

I feel like this is better than a single GOTY across the board because when we’re talking about a “Game of the Year” the decision is highly subjective. Not everyone will agree with our GOTY picks, and vice versa.

It’s true that not all games can be GOTY winners — that kind of defeats the purpose of having a GOTY — but that doesn’t mean we can’t nominate a larger number of games as a whole. Right?

It also doesn’t mean we have to have one succinct winner across the board as our site will pick a GOTY for each category (AAA, indie) and gamers will have the opportunity to weigh in with a Reader’s Choice Award. 

The end goal is to make everything more fair and balanced.

At the end of the day, we’re passionate about games here at Prima and want to share that love in a more expansive way than a singular GOTY list. 

We can’t wait to share with you our GOTY nominees for AAA and indie categories, and we can’t wait to find out which games you will nominate for the Reader’s Choice Award. Thank you!