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How to Play Skylanders Trap Team

by Prima Games Staff

Skylanders Trap Team continues the tradition of inserting action figures into a virtual world filled with enemies and collectibles, but its developers built upon the proven formula, giving fans the chance to essentially capture villains within pieces of plastic called Traps, then become these characters in the video game.

How does Skylanders Trap Team work, and what’s new? Here’s the info, straight from Skylands.

Remember the Portal of Power from previous Skylanders games? That’s gone. Instead, Activision replaced it with a Traptanium Portal.  It works similar to the Portal in that you’re able to put figurines onto its base and send them into the game, but there’s one notable exception.

They don’t call it Traptanium for nothing. This resource lets you capture villains inside Traps, crystals made of plastic that belong to different elements in the Skylanders universe. You’ll need to match the villain to the corresponding element to make this work.

To trap villains, you must defeat them in Skylanders Trap Team, whereupon which the game grants you the option to ensnare him or her within a Trap. Do it right, and you’ll hear the character’s voice from the Traptanium Portal’s speaker.

From here, you’re able to yank the Trap from the Portal; don’t worry, the villain is still in there. To get the most from the experience, though, you’ll want to take control of the villain. The good news? He or she now fights for good, and you’re free to use the character’s signature weapons and abilities to defeat mastermind Kaos (who is also playable) and the rest of the 40 plus bad guys in the game.

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