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How to Get a Destiny 2 Beta Code

by Bryan Dawson

As the Destiny 2 early access beta heads into the open beta phase, many people have been wondering how to get a Destiny 2 beta code after they pre-order the game. When you pre-order Destiny 2 you get a beta code, but it won’t work on the PS4 or Xbox One without a small bit of work on your part. This article cover how to get a Destiny 2 beta code after a pre-order has been made. We’ll also cover how to install the Destiny 2 beta just to make sure you don’t have to search around for more information.

How to Get a Code

The easiest way to get a preliminary code is to simply pre-order the game, so we’re going to assume you’ve already done that part and you’re here to find out what to do with the code now. Once you have a beta key head over to the Bungie code redemption page where you’ll need to sign in with your PSN or Xbox Live information. Make your way through the Bungie pages, as you verify your account information.

When you’ve completed everything Bungie requires you will receive a code that can be used on PSN or the Xbox Live Marketplace to download the Destiny 2 beta. It’s best to pre-load the beta as early as possible to save time when the beta begins. Don’t forget to check out our Detiny 2 beta end time article to find out exactly what time the open beta and ends so you know how much time you have to play.

Stay tuned to Prima Games as we offer more strategy and advice on Destiny 2 as soon as the game releases on September 6, 2017.