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How to Find Food in DayZ – Update 0.55

by Prima Games Staff

As DayZ makes its journey through early access to an eventual full release, players must get used to the idea that about once a month, the game will undergo drastic changes and require a major shift in how they approach many of the concepts. We saw it happen when DayZ added cannibalism, and with the latest stable update, 0.55, there seems to be a shortage of food in Chernarus that is making the overly powerful zombies seem not so bad.

There are always ways to get your hands on some food in a game like DayZ, but it may not involve running up and down the coast like you’re used to. There are some food opportunities near the water, but if you truly want to experience the survival side of DayZ, it might be time to swap that AKM for a Repeater and head inland.

Just recently, we decided to pay a visit to KD Wolf’s live stream on Twitch, asking his DayZ savvy viewers for their input on how to find food in DayZ. A big thanks to RazerTX, Mr. Wheels, Moos81 and Jacob Me OK for providing a great deal of the following information.

Animal Locations in DayZ

Hunting Animals in DayZ

DayZ has a lot of animals in it, but if you’ve been busy messing with gun battles in Elektro, you might not have seen many of them. Most of the animals that Chernarus has to offer spawn away from the coast, but there are some well-known locations where you can find some protein if you’re running low. Just be sure to craft an improvised stone knife before you take the shot. If you don’t have a gun to go hunting with, we can help you find one, then you can visit some of the well-known animal spawns we have on the list below.

  • West of Mogilevka
  • Southwest side of Pustoshka
  • In the field between Altar and Gorka
  • Fields west of Pavlovo

The Other Kind of Meat in DayZ

Hunting Animals in DayZ

As KD Wolf’s viewers were quick to point out, you can go hunting without finding any animals. It would seem that killing and eating fresh spawns is one of the most popular ways to prevent from starving to death right now, and the bonus is there’s a glitch that lets you eat raw meat without getting sick. That bug is likely to get squashed with the arrival of 0.56, so you may need to brush up on your campfire building and cooking skills.

Finding Canned Food in DayZ

The most popular way to get fed in DayZ is to find food lying around while looting up. This is where getting off the coast is key. There doesn’t seem to be as much canned food lying around these days, so visiting towns and villages off the beaten path will most likely be more successful.

As we mentioned earlier, this article wouldn’t have been possible without the help of KD Wolf and his loyal DayZ audience. In case you’re looking for a new live streamer or YouTube personality to add to your watch-list, here’s a KD Wolf video that you’re bound to enjoy.

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