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How to Earn Lots of Money in Grand Theft Auto 5

by Prima Games Staff

When it comes to playing Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5, it helps to have a nice pool of cash lying around. With it, you can buy new cars, weapons and other items while also making a nice life for yourself in an apartment deep in the heart of Lost Santos.

Of course, you need to find the best ways to make tons of dough. We already covered some of the basics in our previous guide on earning money fast in Grand Theft Auto Online, but here are a few extra ways to grab some moolah. Note: not all of them are legal, but did you really expect them to be?

Invest in the GTA 5 stock markets

Funny thing – the stock markets featured in Grand Theft Auto 5 are affected by actions that take place in the game. For instance, let’s say you invest in an aircraft company, then trash their competitors with a robbery or something a little more catastrophic. As a result, their stock will drop, and yours will go on the rise.

This is true when it comes to certain missions as well. For example, with the first hotel assassination you come across, you’ll want to invest in a competitor, like Betta Pharmaceuticals, before carrying out the job. Upon killing your target, you’ll be able to listen in on a broadcast talking about the assassination – and then watch your stock increase as a result.

It helps to check on different missions and the stocks that tie into them. Invest wisely, as you don’t want to necessarily drop money on those that tie in with your assignments. As a result, you may lose cash quickly. Pay attention to all the details, then make your choices. You could be riding high in no time.

Assemble the best crew before going on missions

The more effectively you complete a mission in Grand Theft Auto 5, the better reward you’ll receive. That said, it helps to hire a quality crew. Taking on cheap thugs is an unpredictable risk, as the efficiency of completing your job is put into question. Instead, go ahead and take the time to invest in quality thugs. You’ll clean up in the long run.

Invest in the right businesses

Grand Theft Auto 5 has no shortage of properties that you can invest in. While you may not see the longterm value at first – particularly if you’re busy unleashing mayhem on the city – you’ll want to take a closer look. Businesses like gun shops and medicinal marijuana shops have a way of cleaning up the cash, providing extra bills for your pocket.

Start small with your investments, then work your way up. They’re less strenuous than putting yourself at risk with robberies and muggings, especially when it comes to getting the attention of the police.

If all else fails, turn to a life of crime

If you feel the stock market, high-paying jobs and businesses won’t get the job done, you can always make money the old-fashioned way – through a life of crime. Several shops around Los Santos and Blaine County are susceptible to robberies, though you’ll need to work quickly to avoid getting in a police shoot-out. It helps to scope the area and make sure there aren’t any cops around.

Armored trucks, meanwhile, are prime targets when it comes to robberies, but they come with a certain risk – drivers who have no trouble aggressively pulling out weapons. The best way to hit them is to take out the drivers first, then use your explosives to blow the doors open. You’ll usually get $5K or more with each one you rob, but as you might guess, that’ll get the attention of the cops. Snag the cash, then quickly get out of there. Don’t be surprised if you have to engage in high-speed pursuits to escape.

Too risky? There is a quicker way to get cash. Stick near the ATMs. Customers visit these quite often, and when they do, they’ll usually end up with a good amount of cash in their wallets. Hit them quick and make a run for it. Sticking around and trying to line up multiple targets isn’t a smart move, as you’ll get the attention of the cops and likely end up in a big gunfight. Work on small targets one at a time, and more importantly, keep moving.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and will release this fall for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Be sure to check out our Free Guide for complete GTA 5 coverage.

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