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Overwatch and Horizon Zero Dawn Collide With This Awesome Aloy Concept Art

by Liana Ruppert

Horizon Zero Dawn protag Aloy invades Overwatch in the best way possible with this incredible fan-made concept art. Fan-driven designs are nothing new, but they are an incredible way for popular fandoms to put their own creative twists on teh titles they love. In this case, it’s the blending of Blizzard’s shooter with Guerrilla Games’ hit PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn with the fiery Aloy front and center. 

The artist’s name is Ladislas Gueros and he’s a lead character modeler at Mikros Animation in Montreal, Canada. His work is beyond incredible, with amazing crossovers, unique characters, and a style that truly feels powerful yet still with a childlike sense of wonder as well. 

With Blizzard’s Overwatch being a smash hit since its release a few years ago, the FPS continues to gain a larger and larger following. This is in no small part due to the frequent rotation of events and new items to earn that help keep the gameplay experience fresh. The team over at Blizzard have treated this game with all of the care that they are known for, just as Guerrilla did with their open-world fantasy title . Because of that passion and attention to detail, this is one crossover that makes more sense than we ever thought possible despite the two games’ obvious differences.

Don’t forget to support the artist! You can check out the rest of their work right here!

Liana Ruppert

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