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Homefront: The Revolution First Look — Taking Back America

by Prima Games Staff

Before THQ closed due to bankruptcy, the company released one of its most high-profile titles, the intense first-person shooter, Homefront, for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In it, U.S. soldiers attempt to overcome great odds when Korean forces take over their land. Although the game wasn’t as well received as most Call of Duty titles, it was successful enough for the developers at Crytek to buy the rights to the franchise and begin work on a sequel. 

Since that time, Crytek handed the game to Deep Silver, and even though it doesn’t have a definitive release date, Homefront: The Revolution is currently in production, and promises to be even more action-packed than the original – even with those nifty remote-control tanks.

The game takes place four years after the events of the original, with Korean forces still patrolling the streets. Players fill the shoes of Ethan Brady, a man devoted to a small but strong army that vows to take back their country, starting with the city of Philadelphia.

One thing players will notice about this new Homefront is the change in visual design. The city of Philadelphia looks more torn-apart than the previous San Francisco, with military checkpoints and personnel in place of the usual, sunny décor.

As with the first game, you’ll have a handful of weapons that you’ll be able to kill enemies with, including assault rifles, grenades, pistols and more. In addition, you’ll be able to use applications on a smart phone to do a number of things, including tracking your next objective (easily marked on a map) or highlighting certain targets before you charge forward. You can also find weapon caches, which give you access to more toys, including rocket launchers (perfect for battling tanks and armored vehicles) and explosives for certain missions, such as overtaking a police station.

It helps to plan ahead in certain situations, as sometimes it can be hard to tell how many enemy forces are around the corner. Luckily, Homefront: The Revolution’s level design is big enough that you can plan strategies, instead of simply running straight into a firefight. Of course, you still need a steady trigger finger if you intend to keep moving forward, but it never hurts to plan with your team and ambush the enemy when they least expect it.

Playing with caution never hurts. During the demo we saw for the game, scanners occasionally survey the area, and if they catch wind of your presence, it won’t be long before they alert enemy soldiers. Even in interior settings, you’ll need to keep an eye open for them peeping through the windows.

Fortunately, you can also use strategy to your advantage. During the demo, Ethan was able to utilize a remote control vehicle with an IED strapped to it, so he could keep a close eye on its route through the station, before eventually parking underneath a Korean patrol vehicle. From there, he can set off a bomb that not only levels it, but also creates a distraction that allows his squad to strike from another point.

Slowly, your team will be able to overtake points on the map. Should a situation arise, you can fast travel to these locations, taking advantage of weapon refills or seeking stuff you may have missed, such as secondary missions or support from non-playable characters. New abilities also open after completing certain missions, like access to said remote-control car – which is sure to be useful when it comes to blowing a checkpoint apart.

In addition to playing solo, Homefront will allow you to team up with friends via co-op, so you can take down the KPA together. While an exact count hasn’t been given as to how many players the game supports, it’s likely that a team of four will be default, capable of using multiple weapons to bring down enemies. Of course, competitive multiplayer is likely to play a part with this sequel, putting players on either the American or KPA side as they battle across different maps.

Homefront: The Revolution is a game still very much in development, but Deep Silver Studios seems to be moving in a good direction. We’ll see if this team continues the fight when its title releases for consoles and PC later this year. 

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