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Heroes of the Storm – How to Play Cho’gall in Quick Match and Hero League

by Bryan Dawson

Cho’gall was released to the hordes yesterday, and while many people have joined the Cho’gall chat channel on Heroes of the Storm and successfully completed the quest to unlock the character, it seems few people understand how to actually use the character in Quick Match and Hero League. Cho’gall is a unique two-headed character that must be played by two people at once. One controls Cho, the warrior tank and the other controls Gall, the ranged assassin. Cho controls movement and basic attacks, as well as a slew of warrior abilities, while Gall can use a sprint ability and several ranged assassin attacks.

If you don’t already have Cho’gall, you can unlock him by partying with a player who already has Cho’gall and winning two matches as either Cho or Gall. It’s easiest to do this in a match against beginner-level AI, but you can also complete the quest in Quick Match mode if you’re confident you can win. Once you have unlocked Cho’gall, you can earn 2,200 gold by partying with anyone who does not have Cho’gall unlocked, and winning four matches as Cho’gall in the process. You don’t have to win all four matches with the same person, so long as you win four matches with someone who doesn’t already own Cho’gall as your partner.

With Cho’gall unlocked you can play him in Quick Match and Hero League, but it’s not as simple as selecting the character and starting a match. To play Quick Match with Cho’gall you must first be in a party with at least one other player. Two of you must select Cho or Gall, then lock in your selection to choose the character. It is not possible to solo que as Cho’gall.

In Hero League, you can only select Cho’gall when two people on the same team select back to back. If you’re familiar with Hero League you should already know that the team with the first pick gets one selection before the opposing team gets two character selections, then it rotates back to the first team to select two characters, and so on. Cho’gall can only be used when a team gets two character selections and both of those players choose Cho or Gall.

Let’s explain this a little further. If you have the first pick overall in Hero League, you cannot play as Cho’gall. If you want to play Cho’gall with someone who is not selecting their character at the same time you are, you cannot play Cho’gall. If you have the second selection and the person you want to play Cho’gall with has the fourth selection, you can’t play Cho’gall with that person. It has two be two back-to-back selections on the same turn.

We’ll have more on Cho’gall and Heroes of the Storm over the coming weeks. Be sure to stay tuned to Prima Games for all of your Heroes of the Storm needs!

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