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Here Are Some of the Best Area 51 Memes

by Liana Ruppert

I’m sure by now you’ve heard all of the craziness surrounding a whopping 4,000 people in the US (and growing) interested in an Area 51 raid. This is A Very Bad Idea for many reasons, the most obvious being the hugely guarded area backed with armed military personnel specifically there to stop trespassers, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from rejoicing all the same. So, instead of actually raiding the compound, we’re compiling some of the best Area 51 memes to help brighten up your Monday. 



Those are just a FEW of the hilarious memes out there … and yes, Master Chief and Commander Shepard memes are also aplenty. Also – just for legal reasons, you understand – we can’t actually recommend storming the gates. While the event is hilarious, to actually go through with it would be incredibly dangerous. But there are a few families that could use 4,000 people storming the gates to help them, so maybe if danger doesn’t scare you – try that instead? Trust us, Garrus isn’t home right now. 

Liana Ruppert

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