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Although the game may be 13 years old, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective’s resurgence may not end with just the remake of a classic game, but the potential of a sequel. In a recent interview, writer Shu Takumi claimed that if his game’s remake were to do well with its sales then he would consider prepping for a sequel. In other words, you guys need to go and buy Ghost Trick right now!!

Why You Should Buy and Play Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective was first released back in 2010 and to garner a new wave of fans, the game has spruced itself up with a new makeover in the RE Engine to bring us clean visuals and updated graphics for our modern-age technology. Seeing as how the last game was split between two screens, there had to be quite a few changes to the puzzles so that they could fit properly on Nintendo Switch and PC. 

If you didn’t play this game originally on the Nintendo DS then the boil down on this game is a mystery-adventure puzzle game. You play the role of the curious mind of Sissel who just recently died and well, he’s still around to try and figure out what happened in the moments he was unconscious. Sissel navigates the world through his special abilities called Ghost Tricks where he’s able to manipulate objects just a bit to tamper with his surroundings but also, he’s able to go back in time by four minutes before a person’s death. And you’ll find that you might be using this mechanic a lot to help prevent some rather silly situations your cast will get caught up in. 

All in all, you have 24 hours to figure out what happened to you and what is so special about the night of Sissel’s murder, or else your little ghost self is going to go, poof, come sunrise. There’s a lot going down just shortly after your murder and it’s up to you to help those involved so you can uncover more about the mystery behind your death and regain your memories.

This game has a really amazing cast of characters since Shu Takumi, writer of the Ace Attorney games, has put his all, especially in this game. You can sense the love behind all of these characters that makes them so personable even though they are perhaps some of the weirdest people I have come across in gaming. The puzzles have always been challenging but not unforgiving and honestly, there are some circumstances where messing up just might be funnier than getting it right the first time. Might also help you learn something too. 

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Once you’ve played Ghost Trick, you’re going to be left wanting more so help us try to get another sequel from Shu Takumi by helping support this game. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and you can also visit the Steam page to download it to your PC or Steam Deck.

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