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Hands on with Mega Yarn Yoshi

by Prima Games Staff

This afternoon, Nintendo invited us to its office to play some upcoming Wii U and 3DS games, which was cool of course, but we couldn’t help but notice the loose Mega Yarn Yoshi resting on the table. Naturally we quickly (and gently) cradled this cute amiibo in our hands, desperate to see if this upcoming figure deserves a spot in our collection. Short answer, yes.

While on the way, we didn’t know what to expect from Mega Yarn Yoshi. Early photos made it seem too big, a concern immediately squashed the moment we laid eyes on this plus sized amiibo. In fact, Mega Yarn Yoshi is roughly the size of a Starbucks Venti cold cup, big enough to get noticed and great for cuddling.

In addition to being pleased with the height, Nintendo earns high marks for the build. While squishable to a degree, the tightly wrapped yarn prevents Yoshi from being too plushy. Take good care of it and Yoshi will last a long time.

Here’s a look at his foot where Nintendo put the amiibo technology.

Mega Yarn Yoshi also comes with this Yoshi-branded tag.

The verdict? We left thinking about where Mega Yarn Yoshi will go in the Prima office, because we definitely want one. Whether or not we’ll be able to buy it on release day is a huge question mark, though, since this amiibo is Toys R Us exclusive ($39.99) and store numbers will vary.

In other words, we’ll see you camped out at TRU the morning of November 15. Please bring your 3DS and Super Smash Bros.

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