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Halo 5: Guardians – Tips We Learned Playing the Beta

by Prima Games Staff

Ever since it went public on December 29, the Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta has become quite the addiction. Even though there’s only a small amount of maps available, players have been quick to get into multiplayer sessions with their friends, learning new tactics and dominating the leaderboards – or getting killed at every turn.

We already learned a few helpful tactics coming off our multiplayer sessions, and you can find those tips below.

Get Used to the New Control Set-Up

Rather than clicking in the right analog stick with previous games, you aim down sight using a similar method to Call of Duty by holding the left trigger button. This may throw off some gamers used to the old method, but it’s easy to adapt to.

When you find yourself going around corners after a respawn, for instance, hold down the left trigger. This not only enables you to have a firmer aim on enemies coming your way, but it also gets you accustomed to how the function works. Granted, you don’t want to do it throughout the match, because moving slow will likely get you killed.

Keep in mind you can also stabilize your aim when in the air.

You Don’t Always Have to Rely on Weapons (But Keep ‘Em Handy)

With Guardians, 343 Industries implemented a couple of new moves that may help you rack up a few additional melee kills – and even though they may not be as satisfying as running someone through with a plasma blade, they’re still effective.

The first is the ground pound, pulled off by holding down the R stick while jumping and then releasing it. This is a great technique when it comes to striking enemies from above, or stunning them enough that you can quickly finish them off with a couple of bullets or a quick punch/stab.

The second is the Spartan charge, and this is a superb technique when you come running into a new area and aren’t prepared for an opponent heading around the wall. To execute, reach top sprinting speed (you’ll run for a good portion of the match anyway) and then press the right bumper button to execute the tackling technique. This will throw them off with a well-timed dash, which gives you all the time you need to score the kill.

A word of warning – these are excellent abilities, but if an opponent sees you prepping for it, they can dash out of the way and then strike back. Be on your guard.

Staying Put isn’t a Good Idea

While hiding behind cover or even sliding over to it after you reach full speed on your dash is a good tactic for avoiding gunfire, you don’t want to stay in one place for too long. That’s because most devoted Halo players have a habit of flanking, and except for someone camping from a distance with a sniper rifle, there’s a safe bet they’ll tag you every time.

Use your dashing ability and slide to get around the map quickly, and only stop if you find a secure enough spot for a second to catch your breath and have your weapon at the ready. The vital thing here, as with previous Halo multiplayer experiences, is to keep moving. You may have a tricky time hitting someone on the go, but they’ll have a tougher time shooting you than they will someone standing still and taking potshots.

Relax, You’re Supposed to Get Fragged

Some people have expressed frustration with the Halo 5: Guardians experience, either by not really gelling with the controls or complaining that they’re getting killed too often. To those who are new to the beta or inexperienced with Halo multiplayer as a whole, all we can say is – relax, you’re going to get killed.

Not everyone is an instant winner. Some people take hours at a time learning the basics and mastering them. Even then, they can be prone to mistakes.

If you’re getting frustrated, take a second and see what other players do with tactics, especially those with higher ranking. They have better mobility, an idea of how the new controls work (especially with precision aiming) and some of the better weapons in the game. Keeping an eye on members of your team with higher ranking – and sticking with them as long as possible – could be the key to dying less.

The Halo 5: Guardians beta is available now. Get access with Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

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