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Gran Turismo 6: New Features Revealed

by Prima Games Staff

Who says console games don’t come out in December? Sony’s Gran Turismo 6 speeds to PlayStation 3 December 6th, and we can’t wait to get behind the virtual wheel with the newest edition of Polyphony Digital’s Real Driving Simulator.

We know it’ll look stunning. That’s a given, but what new content can fans expect? Here’s a quick look at GT6’s features that separate it from Gran Turismo 5. 

Vision Gran Turismo 

Sony and Polyphony Digital hooked up with more than 20 auto manufacturers to design unique cars for GT6. These vehicles will be released one at a time over the course of a year. In fact, Mercedes-Benz will make its AMG Vision GT playable when the game debuts December 6th. 

Improved Driving Dynamics

The experience becomes even deeper. A car’s suspension takes into account real vehicle analysis, while aerodynamics change depending on shape and orientation. While on the subject of aerodynamics, you can buy over 80 types of parts with 188 variations.

Variable Weather, Variable Daytime and Astronomical Simulation System 

If you’re up for 24 hours of continuous gaming, feel free to enjoy the Le Mans 24-hour competition. Not only does the sun rise and set, but the developers also modeled the constellations from the Le Mans 2013. 

Coffee Break

Career Mode is oftentimes a stressful experience, which is why the game’s creators scattered mini games throughout to provide a welcome change of pace. Attempt to knock down as many cones as possible inside a stadium, or see how far you can drive on a single liter of petrol.

Improved Career Mode

Coffee Break sounds cool, sure, but there’s even more to see and do in the Gran Turismo 6 Career Mode. This time, you’ll receive gold stars based on your skill level. On top of that, new events will force you to adjust in changing weather conditions. 

Over 120 New Cars

At first, this seemed like an insignificant number until we realized Gran Turismo 6 comes with well over 1,200 vehicles. Considering Polyphony plans to release even more via downloadable content, the number is sure to skyrocket in 2014. Keep in mind that all classic GT cars have been updated to take full advantage of the PS3’s power.  

New Tracks and Old Favorites

Prepare to master 37 locations and 100 different layouts. New locations like Mt. Panorama, Brands Hatch, Willow Springs Raceway and Silverstone make welcome additions to the series, while Apricot Hill finally returns.  


This has become somewhat of a dirty word with video game fans, but hear us out. While Gran Turismo 6 provides users with a plethora of ways to earn in-game credits, they also have the option to buy more through Sony’s PlayStation Store in $1 million increments. Spend wisely. 

New Online Features

This time around, you can create your own clubs and meet other drivers on forums. You’ll organize race events and opt or private or public racing clubs.

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