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Give yourself a Halloween scare with Layers of Fear

by Prima Games Staff

For all the fun of PC gaming without all the hassle of getting an expensive rig and the inevitable business of downloading, installing and patching, look no further than NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW. It’s an incredible new cloud gaming service that streams over 60 of the best PC games in up to 1080p60, with NVIDIA’s gaming supercomputers doing all the heavy lifting so that you can simply sit down and play on your big screen.

It’s available now exclusively for NVIDIA SHIELD, with the first three months’ subscription completely free, and just $7.99 a month afterwards. Many games can be played at no extra cost, but on top of that there’s an ever-growing library of hot new titles that you can buy and play instantly.

One of the latest additions to GeForce NOW’s library is Layers of Fear: a dark and unsettling psychedelic horror game that takes you on a journey through the mind of an insane artist, hell-bent on completing his masterpiece. It’s inspired by classic paintings and by the architecture and décor of the 19th century, and it’s built to make you feel on edge from the start, and then ramps up the tension from there.

In the game you explore the artist’s creepy old house, where nothing is quite as it seems. As you move around, everything can suddenly change. The walls might ripple and familiar paintings may suddenly turn into something else entirely. Strange figures lurk in the shadows and your entire field of vision could unexpectedly warp and flicker. It’s made to disorient and disturb you, and as you uncover more visions, secrets and horrors, the fear factor keeps on rising.

It’s all rendered beautifully and enhanced by atmospheric music and sound effects, and in short, it’s just the thing for scaring yourself silly on Halloween. You can buy Layers of Fear on GeForce NOW for just $12.99; make sure you leave a light on when you play, though.

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