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Games of 2014 – Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

by Prima Games Staff

Collectible card games continue to reel in fans across a wide range of devices. That said, there’s a great chance Blizzard’s Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft will become the biggest in history. Based on the company’s immensely popular Warcraft franchise, this strategy title sends players on an entertaining quest to acquire over 300 different cards.

Heroes of Warcraft lets fans select from nine different characters from franchise lore: Mage, Priest, Warlock, Paladin, Hunter, Druid, Warrior, Rogue and Shaman.  The online-enabled Arena mode lets users go head-to-head to see whose deck is strongest (after building a deck from an assortment of random cards in the Forge), and purchase booster card packs using real currency.

The game was designed in such a way to appeal to both newcomers and longtime World of Warcraft fans. Its pick-up-and-play nature is one of several reasons why the beta captivated the gaming community, and we look forward to playing Hearthstone when it releases on PC, Mac, iPad and maybe Android next year.

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