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Five Super Special Indies You Have to Play

by Juno Stump

Indie titles are some of my favorite games. Games in the triple-A space can still surprise and captivate but titles made by smaller teams that typically don’t have access to hundreds of millions of dollars.

But they do have a dream they’d like to share with the world and it’s typically a story we might not see in the big budget space. These are the six titles I’d recommend the most if you are looking for something super special to play. 

Five Super Special Indies You Have to Play

What Remains of Edith Finch 

I’ve written about What Remains of Edith before and I’ll probably write about it again before I leave this world. It’s my favorite game ever because of the conversation it has with the player about life, death, and the importance of all those little moments in between. 

I replay the game a few times a year. It always reminds me of how special life is and… just play it. I promise it’s good. 

Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods feels like a coming-of-age story but it’s really not. It’s a getting back up story. Mae is home from college but for good. Her parents, town, and everyone around are exhausted because life is incredibly expensive.

They’re tired but forced to work to live in a world where jobs are really hard or unfulfilling because they’re designed around being profitable. I’m really glad it’s just a video game because that sounds terrifying.

If you’d like to see how someone can shine, grow, and soar when they get back up after falling down then you should absolutely play Night in the Woods. I always feel better when I play it and I think you could too!

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield is an action-packed sidescroller runner where you dodge obstacles and keep moving to the beat to avoid defeat. There’s a really interesting story that’s blended within this stylish game. It’s also really addicting trying to get better scores and times. 

Emily is Away (and its sequels)


Emily is Away and the two sequels are visual novels with engrossing and immersive stories that take place in faux versions of AOL Instant Messenger. I was cool so I called it AIM. (I wasn’t cool). YouTube and Facebook both make an appearance as well.

If you grew up between 1999-2012 then there should be heavy nostalgia in the games as you move through the conversations.

If you’re wondering how social media could be nostalgic then you may not enjoy the games as much. These games took place during a time when social media wasn’t destroying the world. 


Adios is one of my favorite games. It’s actually my Game of the Year so far. It’s very good. It’s fairly short but unforgettable.

It features a conversation between two friends that don’t want to say goodbye but know they will. The characters listen and empathize as they reminisce on what was, what is, and what could be in this captivating story. 

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