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Five Features We Want in Borderlands 3

by Prima Games Staff

Borderlands 3 won’t come out anytime soon. Gearbox Software confirmed this last week during PAX South, insisting that it was putting its effort into Battleborn. However, the studio is open to the idea of exploring Borderlands 3, and even put out a call for new staff to work on the sequel at some point.

Gearbox has plenty of time to plan this carefully and do something new, while at the same time keeping the same lovable vibe that fans have grown accustomed to. That said, we have a short list of features we’d love to see in Borderlands 3.

Character and gun customization

Having pre-set Vault Hunters is a great option, especially with characters like Salvador and Zer0 to choose from, among others. However, we know what fans want – the ability to create Vault Hunters. With Borderlands 3, Gearbox could make this option a reality, broadening the scope of what to expect from typical heroes and allowing players to dream up the most bizarre creations this side of Claptrap.

For that matter, what’s wrong with fine tuning weapons for better customization? Sure, you can add skins and modifiers, but changing the scope of the weapons could increase not only their power, but also originality. Imagine it – 87 bazillion more guns to choose from.

More characters and a new villain

With Anthony Burch leaving the studio, it’ll be difficult to create characters for a new Borderlands on the level as the originals. That may tempt Gearbox to bring back a number of old faces, which is fine, but that shouldn’t stand in the way of creating some all-new characters for the franchise – especially a new villain.

Handsome Jack is a terrific character, but it’s time for someone new to step in and wreck havoc. Here’s hoping the team comes up with plenty of new faces to revitalize the series and make the third entry of Borderlands special.

New Planets

We’ve explored Pandora quite a bit, as well as surrounding areas and even the Moon, but now it’s time for the Borderlands universe to open up and provide us with diverse locations. We’re talking a desert-like Tattooine clone with big sand worms, an icy planet with fearsome woolly mammoths stomping about and so much more. This is a huge opportunity for Gearbox to rely on the strength of the newer consoles and make some worlds for Borderlands that will take hours – maybe even weeks – to conquer.

More vehicles with better functionalit 

Don’t get us wrong, the vehicles in the Borderlands games are fun rides, especially when you cruise through an enemy stronghold and run over mutants. For the sequel, Gearbox should expand on what is already there, whether you’re in a deluxe flying vehicle capable of unleashing missiles, or a tank that fires mutants that explode on contact.

Even more co-op

Finally, Borderlands’ co-op options are great, with the ability to team up with a squad, defeat enormous enemies and clean up the loot. That said, the sequel should open this up with the chance to work alongside a bigger group. Sure, there may be arguments in terms of who gets paid what, but in the end, you’re still working with a large cast of characters and taking down bosses. Plus, you can make a competition out of it, like who can find the Loot Chest first.

The forthcoming Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, which drops in March, will go a long way to strengthen co-op with a four-player split-screen mode, which is perfect for couch sessions with your friends. This game should keep us busy until Borderlands 3 inevitably arrives. 

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