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Fallout Meets Super Mario In Epic Wasterlanders Cosplay

by Liana Ruppert

With so many players enjoying The Outer Worlds, the Wasteland post-apocalyptic vibe is on everyone’s minds. While we don’t know when the heck we’re getting a new Fallout, The Outer Worlds seems to be satisfying that craving but you know what else will help? This amazing Fallout Super Mario crossover cosplay group!  

The team seen below goes by Strictly Nerd and they have an incredible community of let’s plays, cosplay guides, and just overall fandom shenanigans. This group took what they loved from both Fallout and Super Mario and blended them together effortlessly. Plus, Luigi looks straight-up gangsta now, nobody is going to mess with Player 2 now! 

I personally love seeing Princess Peach and Rosalina all roughed up too in all of their wasteland badassery! The pair look incredible in their costume designs and prove that you can still kick ass and take names while wearing a crown. Ain’t no raider brave enough, you know?!

According to the team’s YouTube channel, “Strictly Nerd strives to bring you the best entertainment in the realm of all things nerd. Let’s Plays and Cosplay Tutorials are just some examples of the Nerdy goodness we bring to you through our Youtube channel. Join us for some Strictly Nerd fun.”

You can find this awesome cosplay group over on FacebookYouTube, and Instagram to see even more of their creative takes!

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