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Fallout 4: New Vegas Mod Team Shows Off Stunning Environmental Progress

by Liana Ruppert

While Fallout 76 didn’t live up to the hype surrounding it, that doesn’t mean that the Fallout community as a whole isn’t alive and well. There are so many amazing projects out there and if you’ve followed my work at other sites like ComicBook, then you’ll know that one of my favorite Fallout mod projects is the total conversion mod that brings Fallout: New Vegas into Fallout 4 and the team behind this venture have just provided an update on progress as far certain locations. 

The update seen above marks the first update of the new year and shows off the Mojave worldspace with a select few screenshots. Everything is revamped and remade in stunning detail, which makes this project one of our most anticipated Fallout projects out there. 

For anyone that may be new to this mod project, this group of talented fans have been working hard on this project for years now working side-by-side with Bethesda themselves, and fellow fans, to make sure this project is accurate, legal, and the best blend of two games that mean so much to Fallout lovers.

Each week the creative team offers unique insights into their progress towards completion, and you can bet that radioactive butt of yours that we’ve got you covered! This is a project that we are very passionate about as well and we absolutely love all of the amazing updates from the team.

Fallout 4: New Vegas blends the best of both worlds into one passionate gaming venture. We’ve been following our friends on this endeavor for a while now, and their ambitious fan-project continues to impress with each new update. This group of modders have done a fantastic job at keeping those interested in this ambitious project tuned into its progress, and you can learn even more by visiting their official website linked below!

Interested and want to learn more about the project that has been years in the making, check out their previous updates over on their site right here!

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