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Fall Guys Invades Resident Evil 3 With This Hilarious Mod

by Liana Ruppert

Fall Guys continues to take the gaming world by storm, swiftly becoming the most PS Plus downloaded game of all time. The internet loves those darn jelly beans, and now Resident Evil fans can too because a new Resident Evil 3 mod brings the world of Fall Guys into a world rife with zombies and danger. Just a normal Wednesday. 

For those that don’t know me, I love mods. I’ve ran mod verticals all over the gaming space through the years and even created quite a few of my own. That means I’m basically always glued to Nexus Mods and it was there that I stumbled upon the most glorious mod of them all: the Resident Evil 3 Jilly Bean Fall Guys Mod Pack. 

Even Nemesis got the Jelly Bean treatment: 

The mod is simple: it reskins characters like Jill, Carlos, and Nemesis to look like adapted Jelly Beans from the hit online game. It’s easy to download, and totally free, but it is for PC only since mod support is still incredibly scarce on consoles at this time unless you’re Fallout or Skyrim. 

For those interested in scoping out the Fall Guys Resident Evil 3 experience, you can download the mod right here! If you’re looking for any more recommendations, feel free to hit me up over on my personal Twitter right here and be sure to also follow us over @PrimaGames for more gaming goodness!