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Fall Guys ‘Big Yeetus’ Memes Are the Best Thing Ever

by Liana Ruppert

Fall Guys is getting an actual “Big Yeetus” feature and the memes make it all worth it. The Big Yeetus will randomly appear in levels in order to “shake things up” but what it really does is make for fantastic meme potential. God bless the internet. 

The Fall Guys community first learned about the upcoming ‘chaotic neutral’ feature coming soon via Twitter and it didn’t take long before fans went wild: 

The reactions? Priceless:

So basically: YEET! There are so many more contributions that I really want to share, but also don’t want this to be a billion pages long, so … yeah, enjoy the memes! With something called the Big Yeetus, are we really surprised that this caught on? I mean, really.

Fall Guys is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC. Still no Xbox or Switch release, and here’s why: 

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