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Falcon & The Winter Soldier Episode 4 Ending Explanation

by Jesse Vitelli

Falcon and The Winter Soldier just aired it’s fourth episode this past week and it sure as hell doesn’t pull any punches. The episode as a whole was better than the previous three but the ending of the episode has some major implications for the rest of the Marvel universe.

Falcon & The Winter Soldier Episode 4 Ending Explanation 

We’re going to get into spoilers for this week’s episode so if you haven’t watched now is your time to bow out and come back once you’ve watched the episode!

At the end of the episode, we learn that Jon Walker AKA the new Captain America has been juicing. It’s clear the vial of the super-soldier serum he pocketed earlier in the episode has now been injected as we see him bend metal with his bare hands, throw the shield into a wall, and punch enemies to send them flying.

However, the big difference between Steve Rogers and Walker is their personality and instinct on how to get the job done. This leads to Walker publicly decapitating an enemy in the middle of a town square for everyone to see. Civilians with their phones out taking pictures and videos of a deranged symbol of America trying to “protect” the world. 

After the events of Age of Ultron, Civil War, and Infinity War, it’s clear that humanity is split of if superheroes are worth the collateral damage they cause. In fact, Karli, the show’s main protagonist, talks a lot about the time when half of the universe disappeared. She mentions that communities came together and the world was much different, maybe even for the better.

Now that everyone’s back borders are closing, people are being evicted, and the world is returning to it’s politically controlled self again.

So what does this mean going forward? 

Well, it’s clear that Walker is unfit to take on the role of Captain America, and now the name has certainly been tarnished to the general public. It’s unclear if we will see Walker take on the U.S Agent Moniker, which is what he becomes in the comics, but that’s where it looks like it’s headed.

I don’t expect Falcon and The Winter Soldier to be the last show or movie to deal with the theme of “do we even need superheroes anymore.” especially considering the events of WandaVision and how many people were hurt in that scenario. 

The Avengers are lost without their two leaders Iron Man and Captain America. Phase 4 seems to be building towards finding a new leader and a new purpose in a post-blip Earth.

Not to mention that Wakanda is involved in the hunt for Baron Zemo and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the show end up in Wakanda, perhaps with hints at the next person to take up the Black Panther mantle.



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