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Evolve: How to Play as the Wraith

by Prima Games Staff

We covered Evolve’s creatures to great extent before, providing guides on both the Goliath and the Kraken, and what they bring to the table as far as brute strength and techniques are concerned. However, 2K still had one monster to reveal before the end of the year – and last week, it finally let the cat out of the bag. More specifically, the Wraith.

A super powered and supernatural beast, the Wraith could possibly be the most dangerous creature in Evolve, a fast-moving alien whose attacks will cause significant damage to hunters. The debut trailer for the creature can be found below, but here’s a breakdown in terms of what she’s capable of – and what bad news it can bring to your party.

Snatch and grab

One of the Wraith’s better techniques is Abduction, which lets her grab a hunter from a distance via teleportation, only to go back to the original spot from where she came from. In the process, you’ll temporarily blindside the hunter that you’ve targeted, and do a significant amount of damage to them in the process.

This is a great tactic when it comes to breaking the team apart. Snatching up hunters unexpectedly can throw off the group, as they won’t be certain where the creature’s original position was (at first), forcing them to scramble in an effort to find their missing partner.

It’s a powerful technique, but you’ll need to make sure the hunter is specifically targeted, or it won’t work. Chances are you’ll want to practice first, just to get the hang of it.

Let’s do the warp blast again

If grabbing a hunter isn’t necessarily your thing, how about making an impact with your entrance? With the Warp Blast, the Wraith can teleport to a highlighted location in front of it and instantly generate an explosion upon arriving. This move is excellent when you want to hit multiple hunters at once, although it can also backfire if you miss, as it’ll give away your location.

What’s more, the Warp Blast can be powered up for more effectiveness, as you can string together multiple explosions so you can do even more damage to hunters within its blast radius. You’ll need to get a few matches under your belt at first, but the experience will be worth it.

Throw them off with a decoy

Not every attack is offensive. With the Decoy, you’re able to escape when you’re under fire, throwing off the group of hunters with a diversionary tactic. With it, you can generate a clone that’ll distract the team for a few seconds, enabling you to vanish and sneak away, so you can regather your strength and strike again.

The decoy doesn’t just run, either – it’ll deal damage to both hunters and animals. The only downside is that there’s only so much harm it can create before it disappears, so use the time wisely to slip away while you can.


Finally, there’s the Supernova, which could very well be the Wraith’s finest technique. It requires a lot of energy to pull off, but doing so will not only distract the hunters that are after you, but also buff your speed and strength for a period of time, letting you cause even more devastation.

By unleashing the Supernova you’ll let off a huge explosion, bigger than the one that comes with the Warp Blast. It has a superior radius and impact, allowing you to hit multiple members of a hunting party at once. After it goes off, the Wraith will then show a temporary increase of strength and speed, making her harder to hit and escape from. This only lasts a short period of time, but that could be all you need to turn the tables and win the match.

Other than that, the Wraith has a superb mix of speed and agility, and can swipe hunters quickly while disappearing back into the terrain – sort of like a ghost. This makes it possibly even more effective than the Kraken and the Goliath, although we’d have to pit them together in a grudge match to find out.

Evolve releases on February 10th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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