Evolve: How to Play as the Kraken

Strike fear into the hearts of Hunters with Evolve's aerial monstrosity.

Evolve is moving right along in development, set to introduce a unique four-versus-one multiplayer experience when it arrives early next year. That may sound like an unfair advantage, but the truth is, the one player taking on the four will become a large, hulking monster that could easily crush them flat if they’re not careful.

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We already discussed one of the better creatures in Evolve’s universe, the mighty Goliath, but today we’re taking to the skies with some strategies for the Kraken, an aerial creature that can deal a heavy amount of damage from a distance.

Here are some tips when playing as the Kraken.

Level up to Survive

Like the Goliath, the Kraken is able to level up two times over the course of the game. It has a good amount of strength as it begins leveling up, but once you reach level two, things get interesting. By the time it hits level three, it poses a genuine threat to the Hunters, as it can attack their home base and win the match if the player is savvy enough to get there.

The key is to find dead animals within the enclosed level and eat them. This can pose a bit of a challenge for the Kraken, as it’s a bit slower on the ground than the Goliath because it walks on four legs instead of two. That said, try to set a good amount of distance between you and the Hunters before you feast. Otherwise, it may take a little while for you to get into the air and go on the offensive.

Remember, eat to live, but make sure you have the proper spacing to enjoy your meal. That will keep you alive a bit longer, and make you stronger in the process.

Lightning Strikes

One of the Kraken’s key abilities is being able to summon lightning in the form of two attacks – the Aftershock and the Lightning Strike.

If you’re flying in the air, the Lightning Strike is an awesome way to dish out damage without having to touch the ground. Simply line up where your bubble-like orbs will land on the Hunters and set up your attack. From there, you’ll be able to send exploding bolts their way, which will do a significant damage. If you can, try to injure the Medic first, since they act as healers.

If you’re stuck on the ground, you can rely on the Aftershock. This enables you to create an electrical pulse that surrounds the Kraken for several seconds, hitting anyone within range. While a bit limited at first, the Aftershock can hit more than one Hunter at a time. As you level up, it’ll extend a bit and make you a force to be reckoned with. Try to stay in the air if you can, but if you’re stuck on the ground, use this to push the Hunters back.

Mine, all Mine

In addition to going on the offensive with sudden attacks, the Kraken is also capable of shooting red, pulsating mines out of its tentacle-based maw that can home in on Hunters. You can’t generate that many at first, but the count picks up as you eventually level up your Kraken.

These are great tools, as they can home in on Hunters and explode, dealing a good amount of damage in the process. However, Hunters stand a fighting chance to avoid them, as they let off a loud scream before they start homing in. The key is to have the element of surprise and plant them so the Hunters may not see them coming. Try to set up a string of them so even if they move, they still get hit.

It can be tricky at first, but you’ll soon find that the Banshee Mines deliver explosive results.

Vortex for a Loop

Finally, the Vortex is another great ground attack if you can’t fly for the time being, or if being pounded by gunfire. With it, you can swoop in on a Hunter and send them flying with a good amount of damage. It can leave you open for a second or two to additional hits, so try to save it for when your Aftershock can’t be used.

It is effective, especially if you have a solo Hunter pounding on you while waiting for the rest of the ground, so try to take advantage by sending them flying with a Vortex, then charging in with either a Lightning Strike or an Aftershock. It never hurts to drop a few Banshee Mines either.

That’s it! Have fun with the Kraken, and good luck!

Evolve will arrive this February for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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