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Evolve – The Coolest First-Person Shooter this Holiday Season

by Prima Games Staff

The more we see and read about Evolve, the forthcoming first-person shooter from Turtle Rock Studios, the more we’re starting to think it’s a diamond in the rough. With games like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Destiny snatching up all the headlines, it’s not a surprise. What players should keep in mind, however, is that just because a game doesn’t take center stage, doesn’t mean it can’t provide an amazing experience. Here’s why you should keep your eyes peeled for Evolve this October.

Four Player Co-Op

The best part of multiplayer gaming is the social aspect, and a close second after that is the satisfaction gained from solid teamwork. With Evolve, you’ll form a squad with four of your closest (or random) online gaming friends, with the task of hunting down and killing monsters. What sets this title apart from others, however, is that you can’t just run in, guns blazing and steal all the glory. Each player will be responsible for a class, such as Assault, Support, Hunter and Medic. If your Medic isn’t doing his or her job and keeping everyone healthy, you’ll fail. If everyone in your squad comes together as a team, you might just take the monster down, and have a few cool stories to tell.

Human Controlled Monsters

The kicker to the four player co-op is that your adversary is another human being. Rather than eventually figuring out the trick to the enemy artificial intelligence, you’ll have to deal with adaptable and intelligent human players. That player could be a complete stranger halfway around the globe, or it could be your friend, with the rich reward of bragging rights on the line. Heck, the monster could even be you. We don’t know about everyone else, but we can’t wait to start hunting Team Prima down as they tip-toe their way through our treacherous backyards.

Turn the Tides

Looking at the limited information that’s out there regarding Evolve, it would seem that the hunters can most definitely become the hunted. When four players start out with the goal of tracking and taking down a monster, they might have the advantage. The longer that monster is able to evade them and feed, however, the stronger it will become. As the title of the game suggests, it will evolve. Once the beast becomes more powerful, its strategy (or yours, if you are indeed the beast) might shift from defense to offense. To put it in layman’s terms, eat as much as you can and then thump the crap out of your friends with an oversized, freaky creature. We’re sold.

Release the Kraken

There is nothing we can say that is more convincing than that title. The game has a Kraken. It’s not like watching one on the big screen in Clash of the Titans, or even drinking a fantastic rum called Kraken. In Evolve, you are the Kraken. Where else can you get that? Oh, there is also a monster called The Goliath, which is cool enough on its own, but c’mon, nothing beats the Kraken. And don’t even pretend you’re not going to yell Release the Kraken every time a new round begins.

Evolve is expected to release on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 21, 2014. Stay tuned to Prima Games for all your news and strategy needs.

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