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Everything We Know About Dying Light

by Prima Games Staff

In Dying Light, you play a courier who holds off a growing zombie surge while chasing after packages that contain items to keep him alive a bit longer. Along the way, you’ll contend with the undead, including super zombies that react to sound. You’ll have to use parkour skills and makeshift weapons to make it out alive.

Considering the first half of 2015 is sparse when it comes to video games, this is one of the few high profile adventures to look forward to. With that in mind, here’s everything we know about Dying Light for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Getting around the apocalypse

One major difference between Dying Light and other first-person zombie-killing games is the freedom of movement. Your character gets around with parkour maneuvers, which makes it easy to grab ledges and hoist yourself to higher ground, as well as run along walls and making leaps of faith. This is essential to mastering the game, since there’s only a certain amount of time to reach particular packages before night falls. All bets are off once the sun goes down, which is when the number of zombies increase and the stronger creatures appear.

In addition, your character comes armed with a grappling hook, which not only grabs onto nearby buildings and zips you right to the top, but also yanks zombies and other distant threats off high structures.

Combat and makeshift weapons

When it comes to fighting zombies in Dying Light, you have several options available. The first is melee combat, as you can use everything from pipes to bats to knock them around, although these weapons wear down over time. You can also shove zombies aside with a quick kick, although this doesn’t have nearly as much of an effect as the other weapons. Use it when you’re surrounded and need a free second to escape.

In addition, there are plenty of firearms to choose from, including pistols, shotguns and assault rifles. However, as you might guess, ammunition is limited, so don’t get too trigger-happy. Try to save rounds for when they count, and stick with melee combat in the meantime.

Finally, Dying Light will provide the opportunity to craft your own weapons. As you move through the area, you’ll pick up items that you can mesh together into effective tools-of-the-trade, including a fire-powered sword that cuts through flesh like butter and a makeshift bomb that can leave a sizable dent in the zombie horde. Traps are also effective for setting off car alarms (before making these vehicles explode) or activating a previously set trap and watching a few enemies get shredded in the process.

Sometimes you have to sneak around

That brings us to our next part, which involves stealth. There are some situations where fighting is suicide. In these cases, getting around zombie enemies is your next bet.

With your character, you’re able to maneuver to higher areas and around certain parts of the map flooded with zombies and other enemies. This is especially true at night. Make sure you get to know your terrain and always have a way out when the situation calls for it; sometimes you’ll find hidden items that you can fuse.

Bring your friends

Along with single player support, Dying Light also includes co-op and multiplayer matches as well. Up to four people can take part in the main campaign, working together to slaughter groups of zombies and reach objectives.

If you prefer a competitive approach, Dying Light has that covered as well, as you can pit players against the Night Hunter, a powerful foe that’s also playable. It’s your choice, joining the squad to bring down the big baddie or attempting to squash them. Think Evolve but with zombies. A lot of zombies.

Dying Light releases January 27th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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