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Everything We Know About Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

by Prima Games Staff

It’s official! Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will debut this fall across multiple consoles. We have the trailer, and for now, several details on what the new CoD has to offer. Time to get excited! 

  • Advanced Warfare stars actor Kevin Spacey (playing as villain Jonathan Irons) as the leader of a PMC (Private Military Corporation). Now’s a good time to get the “House of CoDs” joke out of your system.
  • Gamers will likely play as a member of a PMC with no particular allegiance to any country. 
  • In the game, players don external suits of some sort, complete with futuristic visors.
  • Drones factor heavily into the gameplay. 
  • Vehicles employ cloaking technology. Soldiers can also cloak. 
  • Characters, playable or no, have access to holographic equipment. 
  • All hell breaks loose in Lagos, Nigeria. 
  • Soldiers can jump abnormally high, possibly because of the eco suit(s).
  • Soldiers can punch and damage heavily armored vehicles without taking damage. 
  • Special gloves let characters attach to and climb walls. 
  • Advanced Warfare features hover bikes.
  • Soldiers can create cover on the battlefield using some sort of bullet resistant material. 
  • The game features spider-like tanks. 

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare debuts November 4th.

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