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E3 2017: Everything We Know About Anthem

by Josh Hawkins

Anthem is the latest game from Electronic Arts hit studio, BioWare, who has helped bring successful franchises like Mass Effect, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and Dragon Age to life. This time around BioWare is looking to tackle the cooperative shoot and loot scene with a new game about exploration, crazy-cool mechs, and a world that has forgotten its history. Anthem details are limited as not much is currently known about the upcoming title, but we’ve put together a comprehensive article with everything we know about Anthem.

The Setting

Based off the six minutes of gameplay that BioWare showcased at Microsoft’s E3 press conference on June 11, we know that Anthem takes place sometime in the future, on a currently unknown planet where humanity is shielded by a large wall that surrounds civilization. There’s been no information revealed concerning the planet that Anthem takes place on, but we did learn through the gameplay reveal that players will travel beyond the wall in exosuits called Javelins.

Once outside the wall, players will explore and take down massive and dangerous creatures, while searching for cool new loot and gear. There are a variety of Javelin exosuits available, though only a couple were showcased in the gameplay reveal.

The Story

No details about the story were revealed during the Microsoft E3 press conference, though we did learn that players will take on the role of Freelancers, people who travel beyond the wall to complete various missions and objectives. In the gameplay reveal, a distraught man comes up to the main player and asks her to look for a group that he hired to look for something beyond the wall. From there, the gameplay takes players outside and into the wilds, where another player joins her, revealing that the game will indeed feature cooperative gameplay—similar to titles like Destiny and the like.

The gameplay reveal also showcased Shaper Storms, though not much else is known about them at this time.


Based off the gameplay we witnessed in the gameplay reveal, Anthem appears to be a third-person shooter with some instances of first person gameplay tossed in. Combat appears to be fast paced, with players able to equip new loot they find to help make their exosuit more powerful. Aside from that, we don’t know much else about the combat involved in the game.

Anthem also includes 2-player cooperative gameplay, which will allow users to connect with up to three of their friends while they explore the vast world and explore forgotten ruins. Players can also fly, climb, jump, and even swim to find new ways to interact with the world and take on their enemies.

There’s currently no set release date for Anthem, though BioWare is shooting to release the game sometime in 2018. We also do not have any confirmed consoles at this time, aside from the Xbox One, where the game will support all three of the current Xbox One consoles, including Xbox One X.

We’ll be sure to keep this article up to date with any additional information that becomes available, so keep an eye out to learn more about BioWare’s latest game, Anthem.