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Eagle Eyes Sunglasses | Body Slam Blue Light, Look Cool at the Pool

by Christopher Buffa

There are a few (ok several) things about me that my wife would change, chief among them the fact that I almost never wear sunglasses, and for the times when I do, it’s discount glasses pulled off a rack. Having used a pair of Eagle Eyes for several weeks, I’ve come to realize what I was missing out on, and here’s the best part… these glasses not only make intense sunlight tolerable, and keep the blue light from my iPhone in check… but they also look as stylish as the competition.   

Developed by NASA

Before going deeper into why I prefer to wear Eagle Eyes while using my smartphone, let’s back up and cover what makes these glasses appealing. Eagle Eyes were developed by NASA, specifically the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Scientists set out to develop glasses to protect us from solar radiation light, and during the research phase, they studied how hawks zero in on their prey. It turns out that hawks possess unique oil in their eyes that protect them from radiation, while at the same time letting in specific wavelengths of light. The researchers took their findings and came up with these incredible lenses that block 99.9 percent of dangerous UVA, UVB radiation, and blue light; Eagle Eyes calls its lens system TriLenium, which sounds like something out of science fiction. No, you won’t be able to see a rodent from a few hundred feet in the air, but you’ll spare your eyeballs from dangerous radiation while looking stylish at the pool.

So if anyone asks… your new sunglasses were developed by NASA and give you eagle vision; explain that last part however you want.

To put these Eagle Eyes to the test, I brought them on vacation to Dominican Republic, where it’s near impossible to avoid the sun. The difference between having the Eagle Eyes compared to my off the shelf glasses was remarkable. Obviously I still wasn’t able to look directly at the sun (not recommended no matter what sunglasses you’re wearing), but the world took on this visually appealing yellow tint that was so welcoming and pleasant that removing them after several hours of use was jarring; the world was so intensely bright that I immediately put the Eagles Eyes back on. 

Blue Light, Be Gone

What surprised me the most, though, was how much better it was to use the iPhone with the Eagles Eyes. These glasses dramatically reduce the brightness of a smartphone screen, so much so, that I sometimes use them while in bed at 5AM in the morning. Because let’s face it… many people reach for the phone when the alarm goes off and then wince when the screen comes to life; Eagle Eyes eliminate the glare. They’re so good that I’ve used them while playing mobile video games, using the Nintendo Switch, and typing on my laptop, at the expense of being one of those people who wear sunglasses inside; I’ve now entered this strange predicament where my wife loves that I’m wearing sunglasses but thinks I’m weird for having them on indoors. To better experience video games, I say!

With this in mind, my Eagle Eyes have become a must have accessory. Yes, the brand name might not elicit the same reaction as Ray-Ban, but with so many styles to choose from, you can buy an amazing pair of glasses without blowing up your wallet.  And on top of that, it appears that you’d be making a smart decision to preserve your eyes. Buy your Eagles Eyes by visiting the company’s official site.

One last thing, be careful when driving while wearing Eagle Eyes. Although they significantly reduce the glare from oncoming traffic, depending on your vehicle, it might be difficult to see the differently-colored lights on the dashboard.  

Eagle Eyes sent two pairs of glasses for Prima Games to test. 

Christopher Buffa

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