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E3 2016: Biggest PlayStation Announcements

by Bryan Dawson

Sony came to E3 2016 with a press conference that showcased a number of brand new titles, an emphasis on PlayStation VR and a few surprises. There weren’t as many games on display as there were at the Microsoft press conference, but the games Sony had on display were either highly anticipated or completely new. What Sony lacked in sheer numbers it made up for in hype alone. However, it’s hard to discuss the biggest announcements without mentioning the lack of Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3 footage.

God of War

Most people with their ear to the ground already knew a new God of War title was coming to the PlayStation 4. Sony showed off a lengthy gameplay demo of the new game, simply titled, “God of War” and while it felt different than previous entries in the series, it was definitely still God of War. This time around Kratos has his son along with him as he takes on a fatherly role and teaches his son the basics of hunting. It almost felt as though God of War took a page out of The Last of Us with the adult and child gameplay. The camera also looked a bit tighter behind Kratos’ shoulder, but otherwise the gameplay was similar enough to the previous games in the series.

Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima was given a royal welcome at the Sony press conference. He stopped by to show off the first game from his new Kojima Productions development studio. While there isn’t much information on the title right now, we do know that it stars Normal Reedus of Walking Dead fame. You may remember that the now canceled Silent Hills game was going to feature Reedus as well. It looks as though Kojima kept the partnership alive with the new title. The trailer was about as vague as the first Metal Gear Solid 5 trailers, so there’s no telling how the game will play, but it had minor vibes of Zone of the Enders, although that’s probably just a visual design choice. Don’t expect Reedus to be stepping into a mech anytime soon.

Resident Evil

One of the biggest surprises at the Sony press conference was the unveiling of the new Resident Evil title from Capcom. The game looked more like the P.T. demo of Silent Hills than a proper Resident Evil game. It will be playable from start to finish with PlayStation VR (or through normal means) and a demo is available right now for PlayStation Plus members. The game was in first-person and seems to be taking the series back to its horror roots. If you told people this was Silent Hills or an updated P.T. demo, no one would argue with you. Hopefully Resident Evil fans are ready to go back to horror.

Insomniac Spider-Man

The currently untitled new PlayStation 4-exclusive Spider-Man from Insomniac studios had a flashy trailer at the Sony press conference. The company that Ratchet & Clank built showed off the new Spider-Man and it looked very impressive. Spider-Man has a new suit with a large, white spider logo on the chest. The gameplay seemed like a fast-paced Batman Arkham game with the applicable webslinging abilities. This is an original Spier-Man universe that’s not related to the movies or comics, but Insomniac is working closely with Marvel to make sure the game is a proper representation of Spider-Man.

PlayStation VR

Sony had a variety of trailers to show off the PlayStation VR launch lineup. The peripheral will release on October 13, 2016 for $399, with 50 games releasing between launch and the end of the year. Some games are brand new and made exclusively for PSVR, while others are games that will play like normal on the PS4, but offer a VR experience if you have PSVR. The biggest titles showcased for PSVR were Star Wars Battlefront – X-Wing VR Missions from Electronic Arts and Batman Arkham VR from Rockseatdy and Warner Bros. Final Fantasy 15 will also have a VR component and a new Far Point game was also shown.

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