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DXRacer Limited Edition MapleStory Gaming Chair Review

by Liana Ruppert

As a PC gamer, I have spent a lot of time on making sure my rig is exactly how I want it. From customizable keyboards, a professional gaming mouse, sweet headphones, multiple monitors – I’m not afraid to admit I went all out. But for those of us that spend a lot of time claiming capture points, exploring Thedas, and hunting down the next adventure in some far-off fantastical world – a solid gaming chair is important to make sure that the us IRL is comfortable and supported. So when we here at Prima Games gave away a very special limited edition MapleStory DXRacer chair, we had to get our hands on one STAT. 

DXRacer is the leading name in gaming chairs, and for good reason. They’ve also housed some pretty spectacular collaborations in the past but the latest one has got to be the most adorable partnership to-date. It’s cute, it’s comfy, it’s exactly what a DXRacer fan would come to expect, just with a little additional flair. 

This chair is a part of the Formula series, which is a classic design for the company and even if it’s not the MapleStory version it’s still going to be comfortable and long-lasting, especially for being in the mid-budget price range. The MapleStory version of this chair costs $379 due to its charm and limited edition status, while others with different designs, but in the same style, range between 279-300 dollars.

While there are others that are cheaper that offer similar comfort levels, I will say that DXRacer absolutely kills it when it comes to their unique partnerships. From game titles to sports teams, they’ve always offered it all which makes it really awesome for those looking for a totally individual gaming space. That, or for those that might be looking for the perfect gamer gift. Either way, that’s something that will always endear me personally to this brand, because it’s genuinely fun to see where they go next. 

From the time of unboxing to the time of assembly took me only about 10-15 minutes. It was safely packaged and easy to assemble, which is nice. The Formula’s ergonomic design makes it a dexterous and supportive addition to a gamer’s set up. The headrest and backrest are both movable and removable giving an adjustable neck and lumbar support, depending on individual comfort levels. The upper portion of the chair also reclines back to 135 degrees for a sleep position, which is perfect after an intense match in Warzone and you just need to take a breather. My game room also doubles as my office so I spend a lot of time in this chair, so that reclining feature definitely sees a lot of use out of me throughout the day.

The Pink Bean face on the chair is just beyond precious as well and honestly, let’s take a moment to think about what other chairs out there have big ‘ol adorable eyes? Not many, eh? MapleStory leads the charge … at least in my heart. 

The foam used in the cushioning is firm with a comfortable give in it, with an adaptive PU leather material to make this particular gaming chair look incredibly sleek and not at all cartoon-ish (which is tricky to do with bright, vibrant colours).  My only wish for this particular model is that it had just a little more give in the seating. Many gamers love a firm support frame for their chairs but I enjoy a little more plush for my choice of gaming throne. At the end of the day, that comes down to personal preference. The firm seating provides adequate support so it really does come down to whether or not you prefer firm versus supple in regards to the materials used for the seat and back piece.

The materials are durable, the frame is lightweight – yet sturdy, the armrests are adjustable, and the chair itself is multidimensional in its functionality. Overall, the MapleStory DXRacer chair – and the Formula series is a fantastic chair that scratches that adorable fandom itch. Interested in pre-ordering this particular edition? Check out the official website for this glorious piece of cuteness right here. 

DXRacer Chair Introduction from DXRacer on Vimeo.

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