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DOOM Eternal’s Soundtrack Wasn’t Mixed by the Composer And Fans Aren’t Happy

by Liana Ruppert

DOOM Eternal has definitely been one of the standout games thus far for 2020 (and lord knows we need it) but even though the hellish adventure has been met with solid praise, some fans are upset after a noticeable difference between the original BFG Division from DOOM 2016’s OST and the remix for Eternal’s OST that was released earlier this week. The difference stems from the original composer not mixing DOOM Eternal’s soundtrack and some feel like that changes the vibe of the game. 

The above Twitter user further broke down the difference noting that there is successful compression and then there’s way too much and in this instance, they feel that it destroys the integrity of the DOOM nuance. “These heavily compressed mixes were then thrown together and had their combined master volume lowered,” mentioned ‘thatACDCguy’. “Which is what creates those seemingly perfect parallel edges throughout.” It’s because of that perceived flaw that the instruments heard in the score are “all fighting each other” in a way that doesn’t pay off. 

Mick Gordon himself responded, the original composer, saying that he didn’t actually mix most of the soundtrack, which is where fans became upset because this is essentially his wheelhouse and his work is beloved by many: 

In a thread over on Resetera about this, another reply from Mick Gordon shows him saying “Fun fact: All those stupid “time signature changes” are a result of someone from marketing piecing this track together without any musical knowledge.” The problem isn’t the compression itself, it’s the fact that it wasn’t tactfully done. As Gordon mentioned, it’s clear that the person – or team – allocated to this mix had no real clear direction on how to handle this level of mixing and that impacts the very sound that is associated with such an incredible game. 

Another image also surfaced showcasing that Gordan seems pretty done with Bethesda and id Software: 

The details of the dissolution are not known at this time, though it is sad to see that the future may be bleak for this particular pairing, especially when looking at the mass scope of work Gordon has produced through the years with his unique attention to detail.

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