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This Detroit: Become Human Cosplay Brings Connor to Life

by Liana Ruppert

Detroit Become Human is now available this month for free for PlayStation Plus members and it’s the perfect gaming experience that thrusts players into a world of discomfort and revelation. With a narrative revolving around consciousness and awakening, Detroit: Become Human was another huge success for Quantic Dream and their unique take on philosophy in gaming. Because of this incredible reception from the gaming community, there has been a ton of cosplays and works of art inspired by the title, including the below Connor cosplay by ‘NipahDUBS’.

Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy – Detroit: Become human; this cosplayer does it all. Check out his incredible take on the PS4 character below:

This Connor cosplay itself is amazing with the makeup, hair design, and the suit but what truly makes it breathtaking is the special effects added to the photo to make it look like an actual screenshot from the game – plus that PS4 prompt just makes it all the more realistic. 

As for the character himself, the studio describes him as “a prototype, named the RK800, created by CyberLife. His initial goal is to assist human detectives in their investigations by offering them technological assistance. He is also equipped with a social module specially developed to create the “ideal partner”, capable of integrating into any team. He is also equipped with special features, such as a real-time molecular analyzer and a sophisticated simulator that can reconstruct past events. He is exceptionally intelligent, cold and determined, ready to do anything to succeed in his mission.”

You can see more of NipahDUBS’s amazing portfolio, including his print store for this amazing Connor nod, right here on his official Facebook page! As for Detroit: Become Human, the existential title is available now exclusively for PlayStation 4 players.

Liana Ruppert

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