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Destiny: The Taken King First Look

by Prima Games Staff

This article will give you a complete look at all of the new features and content you can expect from The Taken King expansion for Destiny, due out on September 15, 2015.

When players first received word there wouldn’t be a new Raid in The House of Wolves expansion that debuted for Destiny earlier this year, they were a tad upset. As it turned out, House of Wolves is still packed with great content, but lacking a Raid is something the upcoming DLC, The Taken King, will not suffer from. In fact, there is a laundry list of confirmed content planned for the next expansion, even if we don’t have in-depth details on some of it.

For players who enjoyed the first expansion, The Dark Below, they will clearly recall defeating Crota, son of Oryx, in that Raid. Well, it turns out his daddy is upset with you, and decided to build an army and park his Dreadnaught ship in your solar system. This of course means you’ll have to fight him, which should fall into the “Doable” category with all the new weapons and abilities players will have at their disposal.

While we don’t have their names and details, there will be a batch of new weapons, gear and even enemies introduced with The Taken King. There will also be additional campaign missions, quests and even more maps added to the Crucible. For the most part, however, this is pretty standard DLC stuff most people have come to expect.

Where Destiny: The Taken King sets itself apart from previous expansions are with the three new sub-classes, each with an all-new and unique super ability. These supers include an electric storm for Warlocks, a bow that uses Void energy for Hunters and a flaming hammer that will work both at range and in close quarters for Titans.

In terms of the new Raid, well we don’t have a lot of details. We know the antagonist in all of this will be Oryx. We know that he is camping out on his Dreadnaught ship parked in our solar system, and we know we’re going to spank him like we did his brat son. Beyond that, the details are scarce.

To get a more complete picture of what you can expect from The Taken King, be sure to check out the gameplay trailer below. There’s sure to be more information released as the September 15, 2015 release date nears, and we’ll cover it all in order to ensure you’re properly prepared. For now, you can also visit our Destiny Game Page to see a list of all our content, or follow the links that we left up above. If you plan to be a high enough level to take on Oryx, you’ll probably need to spend some time grinding over the next couple of months.

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