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Fan Shares Destiny 2 Strike-Exclusive Gear Concept

by Liana Ruppert

Destiny 2 has a lot of incentives for taking on some of the post-campaign PvP and PvE aspects of the game, including exclusive drops, but it seems that the current space shooter has massively restricted the worthwhile loot from Strikes. While previously there was a grind advantage for taking on the game’s various strikes, that has certainly tapered off but one fan took it upon themselves to provide their own update. 

For those original Destiny players that may be out of the loop, Destiny 2 made a big change from how the first game handled loot – including certain gear pieces specific to different Strikes. Thanks to Redditor ‘BeefySeaDrgonGoes’, an interesting concept was drawn up for the game’s current Strike List. That, and I’m just really digging the Taken Effect that’s so prevalent and I want more. 

Exodus Crash:

Hunter Cloak based on Thaviks’ Cloak/Scarf (Hoodless)

Arc Sword based on Thaviks’ Claws

Lake of Shadows:

Titan Helmet based on Grask’s Helmet (With Taken Effect)

Kinetic Scout Rifle based on Treads Upon Stars (With Taken Effect)

Savathûn’s Song:

Warlock Bond with a Shrieker as the main focal point

Void Fusion Rifle with a small Shrieker on top/ as the scope that opens as you charge it

The Arms Dealer:

Titan Legs based on Bracus Zahn’s legs

(Chartreuse) Solar SMG based on Scorpius Turrets

The Inverted Spire:

Warlock Bond similar to Temptation’s Bond with the same Arc “wisps” on Protheon’s back radiating from the center

Arc Auto Riffle based on Protheon’s Arm

The Pyramidion:

Warlock Gauntlets based on Brakion’s arms

Void Wave Frame Grenade Launcher with a Vex appearance to represent Brakion’s Void flamethrower

A Garden World:

Warlock Bond with the same purple symbol that projects in front of Dendron

Void Rocket Launcher with a Vex appearance that simulates a Cyclops’s blast

Tree of Probabilities:

Titan Gauntlets modeled after Valus Thuun’s arms (basically an updated Mau’ual’s Maulers)

Solar Machine Gun based on Valus Thuun’s weapon

Will of the Thousands:

Class Item for Each Class:

  • Hunter: Cloak based on Darkhollow Mantle with a Xol-inspired design
  • Titan: Mark based on War Numen’s Mark with a Xol-inspired design
  • Warlock: Bond based on Omnigul Bond with a Xol-inspired design

Kinetic Pulse Rifle based on Abyss Defiant* with a Xol-inspired design

(I know Abyss Defiant is an Auto Rifle, but I think making the skull on the barrel, which is not on Oversoul Edict, look like Xol’s face would make for a better weapon)

Strange Terrain:

Warlock Chest Piece based on Nokris’ Robes

Solar Heavy Grenade Launcher based on Frozen Hive

The Insight Terminus:

Hunter Cloak based on Kargen’s Mantle (basically an updated Flayer Mantle)

Solar Sniper Rifle based on Kargen’s Weapon

Warden of Nothing:

Hunter Chest Piece with same glowing effect as the Mad Warden

Solar Sidearm based on Dreg’s Promise with the same glowing effect as the Mad Warden


Warlock Helmet based on In Anânh (basically an updated Deathsinger’s Gaze)

Void Combat Bow based on In Anânh’s Shade Or Solar Combat Bow based off of In Anânh

The Hollowed Lair:

Hunter Gauntlets based on Fikrul’s arms (basically an updated Mongrel Ogre’s Grasps)

Arc Sword based on Fikrul’s staff*

(Mindbender’s Ambition is actually a quality weapon, so I would actually be content with just giving it access to the newer perks)

The Corrupted:

Hunter Cloak based on Techeun headdresses/robes

Arc Fusion Rifle with a Taken effect

The Scarlet Keep:

Hunter Cloak based on Hashladûn’s robes (hoodless, with ring behind helmet)

Kinetic Hand Cannon based on Zaouli’s Bane with Scarlet Keep color scheme

The Festering Core:

Titan Chest Piece based on Baurisk’s armor (takes effect with large core on back)

Kinetic Shotgun with a Cabal-inspired design and a taken effect (basically a Cabal version of Stolen Will)

He added that these ideas came about when grinding for Python and that his love for the first game’s Strike-specific loot was something that he has missed in the title’s sequel. 

The various ideas up there garnered a lot of praise in the responding Reddit forum thread and given that many players said that even a few of these would give them cause to back into the Strike rotation, it’s safe to say that we wouldn’t be mad at seeing Bungie take notice. 

Considering that this concept quickly made Reddit’s front page, maybe Bungie will see how passionate fans are about this particular inclusion and find a way to re-introduce Destiny 2 Strike drops in the future!